1954 Classic "White Christmas" Brings Christmas to Your Home

Looking Forward to "White Christmas" Quotes

White Christmas
Starring Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen, and Bing Crosby. Hulton Archive / Stringer/Getty Images

If Christmas is all about feeling blissfully happy then you must watch White Christmas. And of course, Elf. But let's come back to White Christmas.

This 1954 sing-along musical treat keeps you entertained, happy, and dancing till the last scene. With some of the best stars cast in the movie—Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, among others—this movie was created just to give the Christmassy feel to the holiday season. It's no wonder that White Christmas became the highest grossing film of 1954, at about 12 million dollars.

The film is a part of Christmas tradition for many families. If you have been a fan of Crosby's movies and songs, the song titled White Christmas will touch you. Crosby made his mark at the Guinness World Records when the version sung by Crosby won the best-selling single of all time title.

Enjoy a relaxed evening as you watch with your friends and family. Here are some famous White Christmas quotes that you can enjoy as a post-movie treat.

Phil Davis

"I want you to get married. I want you to have nine children. And if you only spend five minutes a day with each kid, that's forty-five minutes, and I'd at least have time to go out and get a massage or something."

"I'm the 'I-don't-mind-pushing-my-best-friend-into-but-am-scared-stiff-if-I-get-anywhere-near-it' kind."

"Through the air they keep flying, like a duck that is dying."

"That's very funny. Ho, ho, ho. The crooner is now becoming the comic."

Bob Wallace

"Miss Haynes, if you're ever under a falling building and someone offers to pick you up and carry you to safety, don't think, don't pause, don't hesitate for a moment, just spit in his eye."

"[Regarding Phil] I don't know what you see in this tall drink of charged water, but after you get to know him he's almost endurable."

"You ought to be horsewhipped. First you, then you, and then you again."

"Oh, Phil, when are you going to learn that girls like that are a dime a dozen?"

"We ate, and then he ate. We slept and then he slept."

Judy Haynes

"[To Phil] You are not exactly Superman, but you are awfully available."

"Yesterday, she couldn't sleep. Today, she won't eat. She's in love."

Betty Haynes

"[Singing on the train]I want to wash my hands, my face, my hair with snow."

"Why, all of a sudden, are people so concerned about my eating habits? Why don't people just leave me alone?"

Gen. Thomas F. Waverly

"There's no Christmas in the army!"

Emma Allen

"[Regarding the inn] This place used to be a grist mill and a barn. Now it's a Tyrolean haunted house."