1967 PGA Championship: Playoff Win for January

Golfer Don January, winner of the 1967 PGA Championship
Don January won the 1967 PGA Championship in a playoff. Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The 1967 PGA Championship was the 10th one played at stroke play. In those first 10 years of stroke play, there were two 18-hole playoffs, and Don January was involved in both. In 1961, he lost the playoff. In 1967, he won it.

January defeated Don Massengale in the playoff, shooting 69 to Massengale's 71. January started the final round four strokes behind third-round leader Dan Sikes, and Massengale was six back.

Jack Nicklaus was two behind Sikes, and caught him with a 71 to Sikes' 73. But January (68) and Massengale (66) blew by both to finish at 7-under 281 and force the playoff.

The victory was the sixth of January's 10 PGA Tour wins, and his only win in a major. Massengale won twice on tour in 1966, but then never won again on the PGA Tour.

1967 PGA Championship Scores

Results from the 1967 PGA Championship golf tournament played at the par-72 Columbine Country Club in Columbine Valley, Colorado (x-won playoff):

x-Don January71-72-70-68--281$25,000
Don Massengale70-75-70-66--281$15,000
Jack Nicklaus67-75-69-71--282$9,000
Dan Sikes69-70-70-73--282$9,000
Julius Boros69-76-70-68--283$6,500
Al Geiberger73-71-69-70--283$6,500
Frank Beard71-74-70-70--285$4,750
Don Bies69-70-76-70--285$4,750
Bob Goalby70-74-68-73--285$4,750
Gene Littler73-72-71-69--285$4,750
Billy Farrell75-72-69-70--286$3,200
Dave Hill66-73-74-73--286$3,200
Ken Venturi73-74-71-68--286$3,200
Sam Carmichael75-71-69-72--287$2,360
Lionel Hebert75-71-70-71--287$2,360
Bobby Nichols75-75-67-70--287$2,360
Arnold Palmer70-71-72-74--287$2,360
R.H. Sikes72-71-71-73--287$2,360
Billy Casper75-70-75-68--288$1,900
Tommy Aaron70-65-76-78--289$1,600
Bill Bisdorf72-71-77-69--289$1,600
Dick Crawford76-73-73-67--289$1,600
Raymond Floyd74-69-74-72--289$1,600
Mike Souchak70-73-70-76--289$1,600
Wes Ellis Jr.76-71-72-71--290$1,300
Bruce Crampton71-77-74-69--291$1,150
Earl Stewart77-70-72-72--291$1,150
Gay Brewer75-74-71-72--292$900
Gardner Dickinson75-72-69-76--292$900
Phil Rodgers71-76-72-73--292$900
Mason Rudolph72-73-73-74--292$900
Doug Sanders72-71-76-73--292$900
Dave Marr75-72-71-75--293$750
Tom Nieporte73-73-73-74--293$750
Jerry Pittman72-78-69-74--293$750
Ernie Vossler72-74-73-74--293$750
Dudley Wysong73-70-76-74--293$750
Bill Martindale73-76-74-71--294$632
Ken Still73-74-76-71--294$632
Fred Wampler73-75-74-72--294$632
Bob Zimmerman76-74-76-68--294$632
Frank Boynton71-76-73-75--295$572
Jack Burke Jr.73-78-71-73--295$572
John Berry76-70-78-72--296$501
Pete Cooper77-70-78-71--296$501
Dale Douglass74-73-72-77--296$501
Babe Lichardus75-75-71-75--296$501
Larry Mancour75-76-72-73--296$501
Dm McBeath74-72-75-75--296$501
Robert Stone74-74-75-73--296$501
Fred Haas Jr.74-72-79-72--297$430
Skee Riegel76-75-74-72--297$430
Bob Toski72-76-71-78--297$430
Jimmy Wright73-74-77-73--297$430
George Archer74-76-75-73--298$389
Paul Harney75-75-74-74--298$389
Davis Love Jr.69-79-76-74--298$389
Bobby Mitchell76-74-70-78--298$389
James Stamps77-74-73-74--298$389
Dow Finsterwald74-75-74-76--299$300
Dick Hart73-75-75-76--299$300
Mac Hunter72-75-71-81--299$300
Johnny Bulla78-73-76-73--300$300
Clare Emery73-76-79-73--301$300
Jim Ferrier74-75-75-77--301$300
Pat Schwab75-76-75-75--301$300
Gene Bone72-74-78-78--302$300
Chick Harbert73-76-77-76--302$300
Tommy Jacobs74-74-76-78--302$300
Robert Erickson76-75-80-72--303$300
Roland Stafford74-76-78-76--304$300
Rich Bassett70-80-86-69--305$300
Glenn Teal77-74-77-80--308$300

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