1968 Masters: 'What a Stupid I Am!'

Argentinian golfer Roberto DeVicenzo driving from the sixth tee at Moor Park, Rickmansworth during his British Open Championship match with Tony Jacklin, 19th July 1967
An infamous mistake happened at the 1968 Masters, and Roberto De Vicenzo was the victim. Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The 1968 Masters is remembered for one of the most infamous mistakes in major championship history: The Roberto De Vicenzo scorecard incident.

De Vicenzo, from Argentina, was in his mid-40s at the 1968 Masters, but was still winning regularly around the world. In fact, he was the reigning British Open champion when he arrived at Augusta in 1968.

De Vicenzo opened the final round in contention, then thrust himself to the top of the leaderboard with a mostly impeccable fourth round.

He shot 31 on the front nine, then a record. He closed with a birdie on No. 17 but a bogey on the final hole, and posted 65.

At the end of the day, De Vicenzo was tied with Bob Goalby. The two should have returned on Monday for an 18-hole playoff.

Except that De Vicenzo's final-round playing partner, Tommy Aaron, made a mistake on De Vicenzo's scorecard. Aaron gave De Vicenzo a par (4) on the 17th hole rather than the birdie (3) De Vicenzo actually made.

And De Vicenzo failed to catch the error. When he signed the scorecard, De Vicenzo was guilty of turning in an incorrect scorecard. Under the rules of the time, the higher score that De Vicenzo signed for stood, meaning that he was credited with a 66 rather than the 65 he actually shot. And meaning that he was one stroke off the lead rather than tied and heading into a playoff.

So De Vicenzo finished second at the 1968 Masters and Bob Goalby was the winner.

When De Vicenzo realized his mistake, he exclaimed "What a stupid I am!" Words that live on in golf history. De Vicenzo never won another major, although he did win the PGA Tour's Houston Open three weeks later. (Tommy Aaron went on to win the 1973 Masters, where, ironically, he caught a mistake on his own scorecard made by his playing partner.)

The scorecard incident has overshadowed the fact that Goalby was the winner, but Goalby did his part to earn the Green Jacket, closing with a final-round 66. Goalby won 11 times on the PGA Tour. His nephew is Jay Haas.

Something else that happened at the 1968 Masters: Arnold Palmer missed the cut. It was Arnie's first missed cut at The Masters, a tournament he won four times.

1968 Masters Scores

Results from the 1968 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Bob Goalby70-70-71-66--277$20,000
Roberto De Vicenzo69-73-70-66--278$15,000
Bert Yancey71-71-72-65--279$10,000
Bruce Devlin69-73-69-69--280$7,500
Frank Beard75-65-71-70--281$5,500
Jack Nicklaus69-71-74-67--281$5,500
Tommy Aaron69-72-72-69--282$3,460
Raymond Floyd71-71-69-71--282$3,460
Lionel Hebert72-71-71-68--282$3,460
Jerry Pittman70-73-70-69--282$3,460
Gary Player72-67-71-72--282$3,460
Miller Barber75-69-68-71--283$2,850
Doug Sanders76-69-70-68--283$2,850
Don January71-68-72-73--284$2,650
Mason Rudolph73-73-72-66--284$2,650
Julius Boros73-71-70-71--285$2,400
Billy Casper68-75-73-69--285$2,400
Tom Weiskopf74-71-69-71--285$2,400
Bob Charles75-71-70-70--286$2,200
Dave Marr74-71-71-71--287$2,050
Kermit Zarley70-73-74-70--287$2,050
George Archer75-71-72-70--288$1,760
Gardner Dickinson74-71-72-71--288$1,760
a-Vinny Giles71-72-72-73--288 
Harold Henning72-71-71-74--288$1,760
Tony Jacklin69-73-74-72--288$1,760
Art Wall Jr.74-74-73-67--288$1,760
Jay Hebert74-71-71-73--289$1,400
George Knudson75-71-72-71--289$1,400
Charles Coody76-72-72-70--290$1,400
Al Geiberger76-70-72-72--290$1,400
Kel Nagle76-71-72-71--290$1,400
Bobby Nichols74-73-73-70--290$1,400
Bob Rosburg74-73-71-72--290$1,400
Gay Brewer72-74-71-74--291$1,375
Chen Ching-Po73-76-71-71--291$1,375
Malcolm Gregson76-71-74-70--291$1,375
Dan Sikes73-76-70-72--291$1,375
Hideyo Sugimoto71-75-73-72--291$1,375
Paul Harney78-70-70-74--292$1,375
Lee Trevino71-72-69-80--292$1,375
Sam Snead73-74-75-71--293$1,350
Gene Littler73-73-76-72--294$1,350
Johnny Pott75-68-75-76--294$1,350
a-Gary Cowan78-71-73-73--295 
a-Jack Lewis Jr.78-71-76-70--295 
Don Massengale76-73-73-73--295$1,350
a-Bill Campbell74-71-75-76--296 
Doug Ford72-75-72-77--296$1,350
Dave Hill79-70-73-75--297$1,350
Ken Venturi75-74-73-75--297$1,350
a-Joe Carr75-73-80-78--306 

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