1996 Olympic Gymnastics Team: The Magnificent Seven

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The Magnificent Seven

The US women's team receives the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics. © Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

The 1996 women's Olympic team, dubbed the Magnificent Seven, was the first American women's gymnastics team to win Olympic gold. (In 2012, the Fierce Five finally matched this feat and won gold again.) The Mag 7 became Olympic champions in dramatic fashion, and their win will forever be one of the most memorable moments in gymnastics. Here's a look at the team:

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Shannon Miller

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Shannon Miller was one of the best American gymnasts of all time. By the time 1996 rolled around, she's already won five Olympic medals (from the 1992 Barcelona Games) and two world all-around titles.

Miller also earned the beam title at the 1996 Olympics, and was a contender for the all-around title before a mistake on floor left her in eighth place overall.

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Dominique Moceanu

Dominique Moceanu
Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport

Dominique Moceanu was the youngest member of the Magnificent Seven, born on Sept. 30, 1981. A year before the Olympics, at just 13, she'd become the US senior national all-around champ -- the youngest ever in history. With a bubbly and outgoing personality, Moceanu was arguably the most popular gymnast on the team. She also placed ninth all-around, sixth on beam, and fourth on floor individually.

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Dominique Dawes

1996 Olympic champion gymnast Dominique Dawes of the magnificent 7 performs on beam
Dominique Dawes on beam at the 1996 Olympic Games. © Doug Pensinger / Allsport / Getty Images

Dominique Dawes, like Miller and Kerri Strug, was also a 1992 Olympic veteran and a member of multiple world teams prior to 1996. Dawes was a contender for the Olympic all-around title in 1996 as well, but had a fluke fall on floor and finished 18th. She rallied for a bronze medal in the floor event finals, however.

Dawes went on to qualify to the 2000 Olympic team as well, making her a member of three Olympic teams in all.

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Kerri Strug

Kerry Strug at 1996 Olympics
Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport
Kerri Strug provided the most dramatic moment of the team competition, and perhaps of the entire 1996 Olympics, when she landed her final vault onto an injured ankle to help the team secure its gold medal. The ankle sprain kept her out of the all-around, vault, and floor finals.

Strug had been a steady competitor for the US prior to Atlanta as well, placing in the top 5 in the all-around in every US nationals since 1991, except for in 1994, when she was injured and didn't compete.

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Amanda Borden

Amanda Borden Gymnastics Photo
© Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Amanda Borden had narrowly missed the 1992 Olympic team, and qualified onto the 1996 team in the last possible spot. Voted team captain, Borden led off the squad on beam and floor in team finals, and performed well on each, setting up the rest of the team with solid scores.

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Jaycie Phelps

Olympic gymnast Jaycie Phelps at the 1996 Olympic Trials
Jaycie Phelps at the 1996 Olympic Trials. © Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
Jaycie Phelps was the all-around runner-up to Miller at the 1996 US nationals, and had come on strong in the two years leading up to the Atlanta Games. Phelps was a part of the 1994 and 1995 world teams, and competed in the 1996 individual event worlds as well.

Like Borden, her clubmate, Phelps played an invaluable role as a lead-off performer in the team finals in Atlanta.

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Amy Chow

Gymnast Amy Chow competes at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics on bars
Amy Chow at the 1996 Olympics. © Pascal Rondeau / Getty Images

Amy Chow was an extreme talent in gymnastics, and was known for the multitude of tricks she could perform across all of the events. On her best event, bars, Chow even had two skills named after her. Chow won the silver medal on bars at the 1996 Games (behind Russia's Svetlana Khorkina).

Four years later, she qualified onto the 2000 Olympic squad, where she helped the team win a bronze (upgraded from fourth place after China was stripped of its medal) and placed 14th in the all-around finals.

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