1998 Solheim Cup

How Team USA defeated Team Europe to win the tournament

Dottie Pepper 1998 Solheim Cup
Dottie Pepper - who went 4-0-0 at the 1998 Solheim Cup - and her caddie jump for joy after Pepper's singles victory. David Cannon/Getty Images

Final Score: USA 16, Europe 12
When: Sept. 18-20
Where: Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin Ohio
Captains: Europe, Pia Nilsson; USA, Judy Rankin

At the previous two Solheim Cups, Europe led going into the singles, only to see the USA dominate the final day. At the 1998 Solheim Cup, the USA took a lead into the final day, then held off a European rally in singles.

Following Day 1, the U.S. led 5.5 to 2.5, and after Day 2 the U.S. lead was 10.5 to 5.5.

But Europe won the first four singles matches of the final day until Dottie Pepper stemmed the tide by beating Trish Johnson in Game 5. Although Europe won the singles session 6.5 to 5.5., it wasn't enough to overcome the USA's lead built in foursomes and four-balls.

Pepper was the star for the American side, going 4-0-0. For Team Europe, sisters Annika Sorenstam and Charlotta Sorenstam were both on the squad. It was Charlotta's only Solheim Cup appearance. The sisters did not partner one another, however, in any of the team match play sessions.

Team Rosters

  • Europe: Helen Alfredsson, Laura Davies, Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Sophie Gustafson, Lisa Hackney (Hall), Trish Johnson, Catriona Matthew, Liselotte Neumann, Alison Nicholas, Catrin Nilsmark, Annika Sorenstam, Charlotta Sorenstam
  • USA: Donna Andrews, Brandie Burton, Tammie Green, Pat Hurst, Juli Inkster, Chris Johnson, Rosie Jones, Betsy King, Meg Mallon, Dottie Pepper, Kelly Robbins, Sherri Steinhauer

    Day 1 Results


    • Dottie Pepper/Juli Inkster, U.S., def. Laura Davies/Trish Johnson, Europe, 3 and 1
    • Meg Mallon/Brandie Burton, U.S., def. Helen Alfredsson/Alison Nicholas, Europe, 3 and 1
    • Kelly Robbins/Pat Hurst, U.S., def. Lisa Hackney (Hall)/Liselotte Neumann, Europe, 1-up
    • Annika Sorenstam/Catriona Matthew, Europe, def. Donna Andrews/Tammie Green, U.S., 3 and 2


      • Betsy King/Chris Johnson, U.S., halved with Laura Davies/Charlotta Sorenstam, Europe
      • Pat Hurst/Rosie Jones, U.S., def. Lisa Hackney (Hall)/Sophie Gustafson, Europe, 7 and 5
      • Helen Alfredsson/Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Europe, def. Kelly Robbins/Sherri Steinhauer, U.S., 2 and 1
      • Dottie Pepper/Brandie Burton, U.S., def. Annika Sorenstam/Catrin Nilsmark, Europe, 2-up

      Day 2 Results


      • Donna Andrews/Sherri Steinhauer, U.S., def. Annika Sorenstam/Catriona Matthew, Europe, 3 and 2
      • Laura Davies/Charlotta Sorenstam, Europe, def. Meg Mallon/Brandie Burton, U.S., 3 and 2
      • Dottie Pepper/Juli Inkster, U.S., def. Helen Alfredsson/Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Europe, 1-up
      • Kelly Robbins/Pat Hurst, U.S., def. Liselotte Neumann/Catrin Nilsmark, Europe, 1-up


      • Annika Sorenstam/Catrin Nilsmark, Europe, def. Betsy King/Rosie Jones, U.S., 5 and 3
      • Laura Davies/Lisa Hackney (Hall), Europe, def. Chris Johnson/Tammie Green, U.S., 2-up
      • Donna Andrews/Sherri Steinhauer, U.S., def. Marie-Laure de Lorenzi/Helen Alfredsson, Europe, 4 and 3
      • Meg Mallon/Juli Inkster, U.S., def. Liselotte Neumann/Charlotta Sorenstam, Europe, 2 and 1

      Day 3 Results


      • Laura Davies, Europe, def. Pat Hurst, U.S., 1-up
      • Helen Alfredsson, Europe, def. Juli Inkster, U.S., 2 and 1
      • Annika Sorenstam, Europe, def. Donna Andrews, U.S., 2 and 1
      • Liselotte Neumann, Europe, def. Brandie Burton, U.S., 1-up
      • Dottie Pepper, U.S., def. Trish Johnson, Europe, 3 and 2
      • Kelly Robbins, U.S., def. Charlotta Sorenstam, Europe, 2 and 1
      • Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Europe, def. Chris Johnson, U.S., 1-up
      • Rosie Jones, U.S., def. Catrin Nilsmark, Europe, 6 and 4
      • Tammie Green, U.S., def. Alison Nicholas, Europe, 1-up
      • Sherri Steinhauer, U.S., def. Catriona Matthew, Europe, 3 and 2
      • Lisa Hackney (Hall), Europe, def. Betsy King, U.S., 6 and 5
      • Meg Mallon, U.S., halved with Sophie Gustafson, Europe

      Player Records


      Donna Andrews, 2-2-0
      Brandie Burton, 2-2-0
      Tammie Green, 1-2-0
      Pat Hurst, 3-1-0
      Juli Inkster, 3-1-0
      Chris Johnson, 0-2-1
      Rosie Jones, 2-1-0
      Betsy King, 0-2-1
      Meg Mallon, 2-1-1
      Dottie Pepper, 4-0-0
      Kelly Robbins, 3-1-0
      Sherri Steinhauer, 3-1-0

      Helen Alfredsson, 2-3-0
      Laura Davies, 3-1-1
      Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, 2-2-0
      Sophie Gustafson, 0-1-1
      Lisa Hackney (Hall), 2-2-0
      Trish Johnson, 0-2-0
      Catriona Matthew, 1-2-0
      Liselotte Neumann, 1-3-0
      Alison Nicholas, 0-2-0
      Catrin Nilsmark, 1-3-0
      Annika Sorenstam, 3-2-0
      Charlotte Sorenstam, 1-2-1

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