Two-Digit Addition Without Regrouping

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As part of every first and second-grade student's early math education, they must comprehend the core principles of mathematics like simple addition and subtraction; identifying shapes and number patterns; knowing time, money, and measurements; and ultimately beginning to work on 2-digit addition with and without regrouping.

Once students understand the basic number line and place values like ones and tens and hundreds, they should be able to practice these concepts on real-life examples, but before moving on to word problems, it's important that teachers check that their students know how to simply add two large numbers together first.

For this reason, teachers must ensure their students receive a thorough education by providing ample practice for each of these core concepts. In the following printable worksheets, students will be challenged specifically on their understanding of simple two-digit addition that does not require carrying the one.

The Benefit of Repetition in Teaching Mathematics

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People often forget that the brain is also a muscle and, like other muscles, must be exercised in order to grow and expand, and the best way to "work out" the brain is by challenging it to the same skill repetitively.

For teachers, worksheets like the 10 listed below give students multiple ways to look at the same core concepts by re-introducing the same patterns of answers—those without the necessity for regrouping—over and over.

According to early childhood psychologists, the formative years of kindergarten through fifth grade are especially crucial to teaching new languages and core concepts like numbers and spatial reasoning associated with early-level geometry.

For this reason, teachers should be hypersensitive to the ways in which they are attempting to educate their students on this simple yet surprisingly complex subject, especially given the propensity for Americans, in general, to be much worse at math than many of our foreign friends.

Printable 2-Digit Addition Worksheets

2 Digit Addition
Print worksheets like this one to teach your students basic 2-digit addition. D.Russell

Feel free to browse and explore the following 10 printable two-digit addition worksheets that do not require regrouping, but remember that the answers for each test are already written on page two of the following linked PDF documents:

A word of warning, though: These worksheets alone do not suffice as complete lessons and should be used in tandem with other teaching material in order to ensure students receive a complete and well-rounded first and second-grade math education, the skills of which are essential throughout the rest of primary and secondary schooling.