3 and 4 Digit Worksheets With Remainders

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These division worksheets are provided in PDF and are suitable for students who already understand the concept of division with 1 and 2 digit numbers. Answer keys are included on the second pages.

These worksheets should not be attempted until the student has a firm grasp of both division facts and 2 and 3 digit division. More »

Calculators should only be used once a student understands the concept of division and to check answers. More »

NOTE: the answer sheet is provided on the 2nd page of the PDF. More »

As a rule of thumb, if a child misses 3 questions in a row, it is time to go back and teach/remediate the concept. Typically missing 3 or more in a row is an indication that they're not quite ready for the concept. More »

Long division is almost obsolete; however, students should be able to understand the concept and be able to complete long division questions. Although it's certainly not essential to spend a great deal of time on long division. More »

Always remember that the concept of division should be taught using 'fair shares.' Remainders mean that there aren't enough to give a fair share and it's like they are the leftovers. More »

When a child has mastered 7 questions correctly in a row, it usually means they have a strong grasp of the concept. However, it's important to re-visit the concept each term to determine if they have retained the information. More »

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