Typical Course of Study

3rd Grade Social Studies

Annotated links for the typical course of study for to help you cover each topic and check mastery of that skill. This is a work in progress that I assume will take a while to complete. I will be adding links and pages periodically.

  • Holidays and folk customs
  • Native Americans
  • Explorers and pioneers
  • Appreciation of different cultures, races, religions
  • History and development of local community
  • Community helpers
  • Consumers and producers
  • Sources of food and clothing
  • Shelters of animals and people
  • History and development of transportation
  • History and development of communication
  • Citizenship and social responsibility
  • Basic human needs and wants
  • Local geography and topography
  • U. S. geography and regions
  • The continents
  • Flat maps and globes
3rd Grade Course of Study
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Health/Safety
  • Mathematics

Used by permission of World Book