RC Car
ott ott / Getty Images


In RC vehicles, the frequency is the specific radio signal sent from the transmitter to the receiver to control the vehicle. Megahertz, abbreviated MHz, is the measurement used to describe frequencies. 49MHz is one of the frequencies used in radio controlled vehicles. In the US 49MHz is used primarily for toy-grade RC vehicles. Although there are at least six channels in the 49MHz range, toy RCs labeled as 49MHz usually use just one fixed frequency such as 49.860MHz.​

  • 49.830 MHz -- Channel 1
  • 49.845 MHz -- Channel 2
  • 49.860 MHz -- Channel 3
  • 49.875 MHz -- Channel 4
  • 49.890 MHz -- Channel 5

Examples: In the US, 49MHz and 27MHz are commonly used for toy-grade radio controlled vehicles.