55 B.C. - 450 A.D. Roman British Timeline

Roman Britain c. 410 A.D.
From The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1926.

This Roman Britain timeline looks at the events in Britain from the time the Romans first invaded it to the aftermath of the departure of Roman troops from Britain, from the time of Julius Caesar through the Roman Emperor Honorius' instruction to the Roman Britons to fend for themselves.

55 B.C. Julius Caesar's first invasion of Britain
54 B.C. Julius Caesar's Second invasion of Britain
5 A.D. Rome acknowledges Cymbeline king of Britain
43 A.D. Under Emperor Claudius, Romans invade: Caratacus leads the resistance
51 A.D. Caratacus is defeated, captured and taken to Rome
61 A.D. Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni rebels against Britain, but is defeated
63 A.D. Joseph of Arimathea's mission to Glastonbury
75-77 A.D. Rome's conquest of Britain is complete: Julius Agricola is Britain's Imperial Governor
80 A.D. Agricola invades Albion
122 A.D. Construction of Hadrian's Wall on the northern frontier
133 A.D. Julius Severus, Governor of Britain is sent to Palestine to fight rebels
184 A.D. Lucius Artorius Castus, the commander of the conscript troops in Britain leads them to Gaul
197 A.D. Clodius Albinus, Governor of Britain is killed by Severus in battle
208 A.D. Severus repairs Hadrian's Wall
287 A.D. Revolt by Carausius, commander of the Roman British fleet; He rules as emperor
293 A.D. Carausius is killed by Allectus, a fellow rebel
306 A.D. Constantine is proclaimed emperor at York
360's Series of attacks on Britain from the North from Picts, Scots (Irish), and Attacotti: Roman generals intervene
369 A.D. Roman general Theodosius drives out the Picts and Scots
383 A.D. Magnus Maximus (a Spaniard) is made emperor in Britain by the Roman troops: He leads his troops to conquer Gaul, Spain, and Italy
388 A.D. Maximus occupies Rome: Theodosius has Maximus beheaded
396 A.D. Stilicho, a Roman general, and the acting ​regent, transfers military authority from Rome to Britain
397 A.D. Stilicho repels a Pictish, Irish and Saxon attack on Britain
402 A.D. Stilicho recalls a British legion to help with fighting at home
405 A.D. The British troops stay to fight another barbarian invasion of Italy
406 A.D. Suevi, Alans, Vandals, and Burgundians attack Gaul and break contact between Rome and Britain: Remaining Roman army in Britain mutinies
407 A.D. Constantine III named emperor by Roman troops in Britain: He withdraws the remaining Roman legion, the Second Augusta, to take it to Gaul
408 A.D. Devastating attacks by the Picts, Scots and Saxons
409 A.D. Britons expel Roman officials and fight for themselves
410 A.D. Britain is independent
c 438 A.D. Ambrosius Aurelianus probably born
c 440-50 A.D. Civil war and famine in Britain; Pictish invasions: Many towns and cities are in ruins.
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