7Sage LSAT Prep Review

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7Sage LSAT Prep is ideal for students on a budget who prefer self-study rather than attending in-person classes. The program was developed by two Harvard Law graduates who wanted to help students prepare for the LSAT with an inexpensive price tag. You can choose to pay for the course on a month-to-month basis for $69 per month or $599 for the entire year, with the option to add the LSAT Prep Plus membership from LSAC for an additional $99. The course covers a variety of studying options, including one of the largest LSAT online libraries, real released LSAT questions and exams, digital testing with self-proctoring tools, detailed analytics, progress tracking, detailed explanations, and personalized study plans. We tested 7Sage’s LSAT Prep to see how effective their online self-learning program really is.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons

Very affordable price
Large library of LSAT content
On-demand learning
Personalized study plans
Free trial
Progress tracking and detailed feedback

No tutors
No in-person learning
No in-class proctored practice exams
No higher score guarantee

What’s Included

This LSAT prep program is popular for its tech-driven study materials that allow students to study anytime and anywhere. Although it has no in-class or live LSAT lessons, 7Sage ensures that its features are accessible to any student with an internet connection, so those who are motivated can achieve high scores on the LSAT.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Each student is given a basic study plan that can be tailored to their needs and schedule. Students can also tailor it to their preferred start and end date. 

7Sage also divides the LSAT material into different sections based on the difficulty level. As students work through the courses, the levels will gradually advance, ensuring that they grasp specific concepts before learning new ones.

400+ Lessons 

7Sage has one of the biggest libraries of LSAT material, and students are given unlimited access to it. These lessons are all online and available 24/7 and include 50+ hours of video lessons, thousands of practice questions, about 100 practice tests, more printable practice questions, and tutorials. There are also video explanations for the LSAT exams, individual LSAT questions, and logic games. Detailed explanations help students learn exactly why answer choices are wrong or right.

Multiple Learning Methods

During the program, students are taught a few key methods to help them learn the material for each section of the LSAT exam. These methods are Blind Review (logical reasoning), Fool-Proof (logic games), and the Memory Method (reading comprehension). The Blind Review Method helps students with their reasoning skills and indicates which areas they need to work on the most. The Fool-Proof Method teaches students to memorize how inferences in logic games are determined. The Memory Method is based around drills that train students on how to read consciously and retain the information for reading comprehension.

Real, Released LSAT Tests and Questions

All of the practice exams and questions are 100 percent real, released LSAT questions. 7Sage’s program gives access to a selection of these tests and questions.

Detailed Analytics

Students can keep track of their progress throughout the program with detailed analytics. The program monitors and saves practice score exams so users can see where they're improving and which areas they need to work on. There is also a dashboard monitor that allows students to easily view this information.

Discussion Board

7Sage has an active discussion board that students can join for peer support. Many students post there daily, with questions on the LSAT and law school applications in general. So, although there is no tutoring, this is a way for students to get more insight into any questions they have regarding the LSAT. It also gives students a chance to become part of an active community and find others to connect with, who are going through similar situations. 

7Sage's Strengths 

7Sage’s strengths lie in its 24/7 online accessibility and large library of resources. 

Library of Resources

7Sage has a massive library of content. This includes over 8,400 question explanations, 50+ hours of video instruction, thousands of practice questions, tutorials, detailed video explanations of LSAT questions, and PrepTest PDFs.

On-Demand Learning

Because there are no in-class requirements and all resources are available online, 7Sage allows for on-demand learning. Students can study whenever and wherever they want. This is a big benefit for those who have busy schedules and are always on the move. It also allows students to study at their own pace and focus more on areas they are struggling with.


All of 7Sage’s study materials and practice exams are accessible online from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This means no extra books or papers that need to be carried around and easy accessibility. Students can study on their phone while on a bus, on their tablet while waiting for class, or in the coffee shop on their laptop. Technology-driven lessons also mean learning is always available.

7Sage's Weaknesses 

Being a technology-driven program, LSAT does have a few weaknesses, especially for students who benefit from face-to-face lessons.  

No Live In-Class Lessons

Everything students need is online, which means that there are no in-person lessons. Students that learn better in a classroom environment might have a harder time learning from only online videos. This also means that students can’t ask questions on the spot. While 7Sage does have video explanations, direct teacher explanations are not available. 

No Tutors

7Sage does not have any tutors or coaching programs. One-on-one coaching can be a great resource for those that need more in-depth help. It’s also beneficial for those who understand concepts better when they can talk it out with someone. With this program, users who have trouble understanding something will have to find the answer in the video explanations.

No In-Person Proctored Practice Exams

Lack of in-person resources means that there are also no in-person proctored practice exams. 7Sage does have practice exams with self-proctoring tools, including an LSAT Proctor App that can help simulate the testing environment. However, no in-class practice exams means no chance to practice in a test-taking environment. There are many stressors that occur during test-taking, many of which are beyond student control (i.e. room noises), and in-class practice exams offer students the chance to experience these stressors and prepare for the actual exam.


7Sage makes studying for the LSAT extremely affordable. With the cheapest payment option starting at $69 per month and the most expensive at $599 for the year, students are sure to find a payment plan that fits their budget. It should be also be noted that the course basically requires you to purchase an LSAT Prep Plus membership from LSAC for an additional $99, but you do have the option to bundle this with your purchase of the course.

7Sage LSAT Ultimate+

Price: $69 per month or $599 annually (+ $99 for the LSAT Prep Plus membership from LSAC)

Includes: 400+ lessons, 50+ hours of video lessons, 100% real licensed LSAT questions and test, digital tester, printable PDFs, personalized study schedule, detailed analytics, 8,400+ LSAT question explanations, 96 LSAT exams with video explanations, easy + medium + hard problem sets, custom problem sets with 9,500+ LSAT questions, and $100 off Comprehensive Admissions Counseling.

7Sage vs. Princeton Review

Unlike 7Sage, the Princeton Review’s programs focus more on in-person learning. While the Princeton Review does have a self-paced program, its other programs include 30 to 84 hours of class time and/or private tutors. Classes are kept small so that the student-to-teacher ratio is optimal for learning. The Princeton Review's programs also include full-length proctored exams, online content, practice tests, and questions. However, the amount of free additional resources, like student forums or daily practice emails, is limited. In terms of pricing, it is slightly more expensive than 7Sage, with the cheapest course starting at $799.

Final Verdict

For students who prefer to self-teach or simply don’t have the time to attend in-class lectures, 7Sage gives them the resources to effectively study for the LSAT. 7Sage's large library of content, including practice exams, video lessons, and explanations, along with personalized study plans and detailed analytics, offers students enough resources to score high on their LSATs. This program is great for busy students on a budget who are willing to put in the time and effort into studying on their own.

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