Typical Course of Study

8th Grade Science

Annotated links for the typical course of study for to help you cover each topic and check mastery of that skill. This is a work in progress that I assume will take a while to complete. I will be adding links and pages periodically.

  • Scientific method
  • Scientific nomenclature
  • Scientific measurement
  • Ecology and environment
  • Conservation
  • Composition of the earth
  • Ocean, atmosphere
  • Weather
  • Water and its uses
  • Weathering and erosion
  • Recycling of resources
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Heat and light
  • Forces in liquids and gases
  • Wave, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear energy
  • The earth's movement
  • Newton's three laws of motion
  • Machines
  • The atom
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Compounds and mixtures
  • Chemical changes
  • Astronomy
  • The universe and Milky Way
  • Space and space travel
8th Grade Course of Study

Used by permission of World Book