'90210' Season 1 Episode Guide

Whether you've missed an episode or the entire first season of the CW drama 90210, we've got you covered with this handy episode guide to help viewers keep track of the various happenings in our favorite zip code.

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1x01 "We’re Not in Kansas Anymore" (OAD: 9/2/08)

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Meet the Wilson family, who has just moved to Beverly Hills from the Midwest. Harry Wilson, the family patriarch, will become the new principal at West Beverly Hills High School. Annie and Dixon Wilson aren't exactly thrilled to begin a new school, and having their father as the principal doesn't make it any easier.
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1x02 "The Jet Set" (OAD: 9/2/08)

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As the series begins to unfold, we meet the various main characters: Naomi, the spoiled rich girl who is dating Ethan, the hunky athlete who is cheating on her. Silver (a.k.a. Erin Silver) is a no-holds barred school gossip blogger and Kelly Taylor's sister, and Navid is the newspaper editor.

In this episode, Dixon makes a big impression on the lacrosse field. Annie and her boyfriend break up, but it's not long before she finds herself attracted to a hottie named Ty she meets at the audition for the school play. Ty sweeps Annie off her feet by flying her to San Francisco for a date.

Brenda Walsh returns to Beverly Hills and stays with her old BFF Kelly Taylor, who we learn has a 4-year-old son!
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1x03 "Lucky Strike" (OAD: 9/9/08)

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Annie and Dixon's hot Friday night plans are dashed when their parents insist on a family bowling night. Being the crafty teenagers that they are, the two arrange to have their friends meet them at the bowling alley and soon everyone joins in on the Wilson family fun night.

In this episode, we learn that Silver has been staying at a homeless shelter because her mother's drinking has become out of control again. After a confrontation with Jackie, Kelly decides to let Silver move in with her.

Annie finds herself attracted to both Ty and Ethan. Just as things seem to be moving forward with Ethan, Naomi arrives at the bowing alley in bad shape and in great need of friend after learning her father is having an affair.
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1x04 "The Bubble" (OAD: 9/16/08)

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When the director of West Beverly's musical, Spring Awakening, drops out, Tabitha steps in to take the reigns. Realizing the play is headed in a downward spiral, Kelly convinces Brenda to step in and take over. Brenda and Adrianna quickly form a close bond.

Naomi has a heated confrontation with her father's mistress and is devastated when she learns that her parents are getting divorced.

Kelly and Brenda have a falling out when Brenda makes her feelings known about Kelly's relationship with Ryan.

Annie ditches Ty to go on a date with Ethan, which doesn't exactly go as planned.

Dixon gets a part-time job at the Peach Pit.
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1x05 "Wide Awake and Dreaming" (OAD: 9/23/08)

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Opening night for Spring Awakening is vastly approaching and Annie and Ty's relationship is back on track. As the two get closer than ever, Harry begins to worry about the seriousness of their relationship. Imagine how he'd feel if he only knew that Annie and Ty have made plans to get a hotel room for the after-party!

When Silver gets in over her head as stage manager, Dixon steps in to give her a hand and the two become close. The two hook up by the end of the night and a new relationship begins.

Adrianna shows up for opening night on drugs, which ultimately results in Annie taking the lead in the play, a move that won't go unpunished by Adrianna.

At the after-party, Adrianna ruins Annie and Ty's special night, and the two break up.
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1x06 "Model Behavior" (OAD: 9/30/08)

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Kelly, Ryan, Brenda and Harry confront Adrianna about her substance abuse, but the teen denies having a problem.

Annie and Adrianna are forced to work together for a project about careers, so when Debbie gets a job as a photographer for a big fashion show, the two girls use the opportunity to work on their project. When an indie film producer recognizes Annie from the musical, he offers her an audition. Annie convinces him to include Adrianna, and in turn she admits to Annie that she set Ty up at the after-party.

Naomi uses the fashion show as a chance to reunite her parents, but it goes horribly wrong when they get into a huge fight.

Kelly gets a mysterious call that makes her second guess her budding relationship with Ryan.
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1x07 "Hollywood Forever" (OAD: 10/7/08)

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Annie and Ethan get to know each other better when they are paired up for a class project where they must take care of a baby.

Silver and Dixon get closer after celebrating her half birthday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Tracy (Naomi's mother) tells Harry that she has hired a PI to help find their son, which she gave up for adoption years ago.

Naomi's attempts to help Adrianna deal with her drug problem land her in handcuffs when she is left holding the bag (literally) during a drug raid at the school.

Ryan realizes how much he cares about Kelly after she takes off to see Dylan.
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1x08 "There is No Place Like Homecoming" (OAD: 10/28/08)

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It's dance time at West Beverly! Ethan and Annie decide to go to the dance together -- without actually "going together."

Adrianna gets Naomi off the hook by admitting to her drug problem and checks into rehab. Feeling as though she's all alone, Adrianna finds a kindred spirit in Navid (who has had a crush on her for years).

Instead of going to the dance, Dixon takes care of Silver, who is recovering from a root canal.

A sassy new student named Kimberly arrives, and we soon learn that she's an undercover cop.

Tracey puts the moves on Harry and Debbie decides to confront her after some coaching from Tabitha.
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1x09 "Secrets and Lies" (OAD: 11/4/08)

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Annie and Dixon get the shock of their lives when Harry and Debbie tell them about the brother they never knew they had.

Although Dixon seems to be taking the news in stride, Annie drowns her sorrows at a wild sleepover at Naomi's house.

Annie and Ethan have a rough time hiding their relationship from Naomi, who made Annie promise to not get involved with her ex-boyfriend.

Once Ryan discovers that Kimberly is posing as a student, the two can't keep their hands off each other. Imagine their surprise when they learn that a student saw them kissing!

Adrianna and Navid become closer, but things get awkward when she gets the wrong idea about his intentions.
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1x10 "Games People Play" (OAD: 11/11/08)

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Ryan and Kimberly's secret relationship gets outed by the student who saw them kissing. In order to keep Kimberly's cover from being blown, Harry gives Ryan a leave of absence. When Kelly returns from visiting Dylan, she has it out with Ryan after learning that he kissed a "student."

Naomi sees red when she spies Ethan and Annie kissing in a classroom and decides to get revenge by arranging for Annie's ex-boyfriend from Kansas to arrive in time for her sweet 16 party. Once Annie learns what Naomi has done, the two girls get into a screaming match outside -- but are interrupted by the appearance of their half brother.

Navid introduces Adrianna to his family. Her feelings for him deepen when she learns that he's still a virgin.
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1x11 "That Which We Destroy" (OAD: 11/18/08)

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Annie and Naomi's heated argument gets put on hold as they try to deal with the arrival of their half brother Sean. Harry immediately welcomes his "son" with open arms and invites him to move in with the family.

Silver gets jealous when a cheerleader appears to show an interest in Dixon, who is feeling like an outsider now that Sean is in the picture.

Kelly and Brenda's relationship gets progressively worse when Brenda reveals that she slept with Ryan after the fashion show. Some things just never change with these two!

Naomi makes some new friends, who make it clear their friendship is on a conditional basis.
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1x12 "Hello, Goodbye, Amen" (OAD: 1/6/09)

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Naomi and Annie battle it out over who spends the most time with Sean. Although the family seems to be getting along well with Sean, Annie is put off when she overhears Sean on the phone. Her suspicions are further raised when Sean tells Harry that he must come up with a large sum of money or he'll be killed.

Adrianna invites Brenda to support day at her rehab, however Adrianna's world is turned completely upside down when she learns that she is pregnant!

Dixon and Christina's (the cheerleader) friendship grows and she invites him to attend a big party that includes big names from the music industry -- an invite Dixon fails to mention to Silver.

Annie's suspicions ring true when Harry discovers that Sean was a fraud.
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1x13 "Love Me or Leave Me" (OAD: 1/13/09)

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Debbie is furious when Tabitha buys the kids a car without discussing it with her first. Annie and Ethan take a trip to Tabitha's house in Palm Springs with full the intention to take their relationship to the next level (which doesn't happen).

Adrianna tells Naomi about her pregnancy and the two become BFFs again. However, things don't go as smoothly between her and Navid when she fills him in on her condition.

Dixon and Silver's relationship takes an interesting turn when he says, "I love you."

After learning that Tabitha encouraged Annie to go to Palm Springs, Harry and Debbie hightail it up there, only to find Annie and Ethan sleeping in separate rooms.
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1x14 "By Accident" (OAD: 1/20/09)

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Kelly and Naomi stand by Adrianna as she deals with her situation. They encourage her to reveal the baby's father, who turns out to be Ty!

Annie and Ethan practice for her audition. Ethan agrees to try out for the play so the two can spend more time together -- and after learning that Ty would be auditioning as well. She is deeply disappointed when Adrianna gets the lead.

Dixon goes to Debbie for relationship advice when things get complicated with Silver. He ultimately decides to break up with her.

Ethan is involved in a car accident while on the phone with Annie.
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1x15 "Help Me Rhonda" (OAD: 2/3/09)

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Adrianna tells Ty that she's pregnant, and he's the father. Once he gets over his initial shock, Ty tells her he's there for her and that his parents will be as well. Although she still hasn't broken the news to her mother, Adrianna meets with Ty's parents, who immediately take charge of the situation.

Ethan connects with Rhonda, the girl he injured in the car accident. As they get to know each other better, Ethan realizes that he has been living in a bubble his whole life, so he begins to live life outside his comfort level.

Dixon and Silver argue, but finally make up and get back together.

When Ty's mother oversteps her boundaries, Adrianna's mother gets involved. Surprisingly, she handles the pregnancy news better than expected.
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1x16 "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels" (OAD: 2/10/09)

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It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air!

The new generation's Dylan McKay comes to 90210 in the form of Liam, a mysterious bartender Naomi meets at the hotel. The sparks instantly fly between these two.

Ethan and Annie's relationship hits the skids when he begins to spend more time with Rhonda. Annie sinks to Naomi's level by getting dirt on Rhonda to use against her, but it backfires in a bad way.

Dixon and Silver's romantic night doesn't go as planned, but it turns out for the best in the long run.

Adrianna settles in for a night with only chocolate to keep her company, but the night takes a turn for the better when she gets a surprise visitor.
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1x17 "Life's A Drag" (OAD: 3/31/09)

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Naomi continues to pursue Liam and offers to be his math tutor in a desperate attempt to get some time alone with the hunk. When Liam takes her on wild night of drag racing, will her obsession turn to terror, or turn her on that much more? Is Silver losing her mind? That is the general consensus when a video assignment turns into a scary/obsessive love story featuring Dixon. Annie and Ethan's relationship hits the skids when Adrianna reveals that she saw Ethan and Rhonda kissing.
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1x18 "Off The Rails" (OAD: 4/7/09)

Jessica Stroup
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In this Jason Priestley directed episode, Ryan and Kelly go in search of Silver. Their search brings them to Kelly's mother's home, where the two women share a heated exchange. Dixon tells his parents what has happened with Silver and they are none too pleased. Annie and Ethan's relationship continues to crumble. Adrianna and Navid try their hand at parenting when they babysit Kelly's son -- and they are surprised at how natural it comes to them.
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1x19 "Okaeri, Donna!" (OAD: 4/14/09)

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Donna Martin returns! Donna pays Kelly a visit from Japan, and we learn that all is not well between she and David. Diablo Cody (who appears in this episode) asks Donna to design a dress for her to wear on the red carpet. Dixon and Annie take a road trip to visit his biological mother. Ethan spends his spring break volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. When Liam joins the cause as well, Naomi signs up so she can spend some time with her new obsession -- and it's not exactly going to go very well.
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1x20 "Between a Sign and a Hard Place" (OAD: 4/21/09)

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Donna is faced with a difficult decision -- should she return to David in Japan, leave him for good and move back to Beverly Hills for her fashion career? Liam continues to be a bad influence over Ethan. Adrianna and Navid interview prospective adoptive parents for her baby. Annie and Naomi decide to become friends again.
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1x21 "The Dionysian Debacle" (OAD: 4/28/09)

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Adrianna and Navid shock their parents when they reveal their wedding plans. Naomi is thrilled when her sister Jen returns to Beverly Hills -- as are the Wilson's, who are at their wits end with having Naomi as a houseguest! Annie and Naomi go on a double date, where Liam makes a move on Annie.
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1x22 "The Party's Over" (OAD: 5/5/09)

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The Beverly Hills gang throws Navid and Adrianna bachelor and bachelorette parties. While Adrianna's involves mostly food, Navid's party involves the usual debauchery at a burlesque club. Dixon and Silver's relationship continues to go downhill. The chemistry between Jen and Ryan is apparent, as is between Ethan and Silver.
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1x23 "Zero Tolerance" (OAD: 5/12/09)

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Prom night has finally arrived! Liam asks Naomi to the prom after Kelly and Harry talk to him about not being involved in typical teenage activities. The ladies get fabulous makeovers by a famous stylist, where Naomi gushes about her relationship with Liam. Dixon is nominated for prom king, and Silver winds up winning prom queen. As she accepts her crown, Silver make a heartfelt speech denouncing the meaning of the whole prom court idea, a move that upsets Dixon. Annie goes with Charlie, who gets very upset when he realizes she doesn't look at him in a romantic way.
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1x24 "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer" (OAD: 5/19/09)

90210 Cast
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Adrianna goes into labor at the prom. Annie's night turns into a nightmare when some of the BH students gang up against her when they believe that she spilled the beans about the whereabouts of an after-prom party. Dixon has had it with Silver where he catches her in an intimate moment with Ethan (who reveals his true feelings to her). Liam, believing that Naomi betrayed his trust, sleeps with Jen. Naomi catches Liam cheating on her, but believe he was with Annie and a huge fight ensues. Annie is completely humiliated at the party and leaves, but not before grabbing a bottle of alcohol. In the early hours of morning, a drunken Annie is driving, hits a pedestrian and keeps on driving.