'90s Halloween Costumes on Parade

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Blind Melon's Bee Girl

Nathan Carden as the Bee Girl from Blind Melon's "No Rain" video.

Whether it was because the fashion was so bright and kitschy or because pop culture reached a tipping point then, the 1990s continue to inspire revelers every Halloween. You can't go to any shindig without seeing at least one Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, a Marge Simpson or an M.C. Hammer. In October 2013, we hit up the world's biggest holiday street party in West Hollywood, Calif., to specifically hunt out '90s rock costumes.

On the miles-long stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard (the subject of Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do,") we saw debauched Disney queens, vampires a-plenty, clowns, Batmen, beings sluiced into vinyl outfits and deliciously creepy baddies. The pickings were a little slim among all the Mileys and Walter Whites, but we managed to spot a few fellow nostalgia lovers. Being that we were Sunset Strip adjacent, a certain hatted guitar hero who made his name on that hallowed road popped up a lot.

First up, Nathan Carden caused a buzz as the Bee Girl from Blind Melon's "No Rain" video. Check out our breakdown on how to get the honey-sweet look.

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Slash No. 1

Alex Bilzon as one of many Slashes in West Hollywood.

Then we saw a slew of Slashes! Alex Bilzon was the first top-hatted rocker we found. We especially appreciate the playable prop he brought: a replica from the  video game series. Slash himself appears in the third installment, Legends of Rock, as an unlockable character. (His one-time Guns N' Roses partner Axl Rose didn't take kindly to this digital deification-- he sued Guitar Hero makers Activision for fraud and misrepresentation, claiming he only agreed to allow GNR tunes in the game if no likeness of Slash was included. Even with the contract allegedly broken, a Los Angeles court threw out Rose's claim, as he waited years after the game's 2007 release to file. Wired has additional details on the dispute.)

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Slash No. 2

Erika Hernandez as She-Slash.

Slash came in all shapes and sizes. Here's Erika Hernandez with her take on the guitar god. And there are other female GNR impersonators out there who work beyond costume balls. The Rocket Queens are among a few notable all-women tributes to the "November Rain" writers. 

Read our exploration into the lives of '90s tribute and cover bands, and see what it takes to wear the shoes of some of rock's greatest artists.

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Slash No. 3

The third Slash we saw at the West Hollywood Halloween parade didn't give us his name. Thanks, mystery man!.

Slash the Third was probably the most life-like. He declined to give his name and was whisked off into the crowd before we could get an autograph. Though these days, the real Slash, aka Saul Hudson, is more personable and gives back graciously to the global community. He's a champion of restoring the elephant population and frequently turns up at charity concerts.

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The Aquabats

Brandon Rodriguez and Jessica Roame as the Aquabats.

Friendly twosome Brandon Rodriguez and Jessica Roame were the best superheroes of them all-- ska luminaries the Aquabats.

Did you know that Travis Barker, drummer for Blink-182, used to be a member of this zany crimefighting crew? He went by the stage name Baron Von Tito. Watch him in action in this YouTube video from the mid-'90s.

The Aquabats still fight on, with rambunctious concerts that include inflatable sharks (for the giddy "Pool Party"), super-villains and the above skintight disguises. Their energy and goofiness led to their own TV program, , on the Hub from 2012-2014. The creator, front man and former child actor Christian Jacobs, also helms the hipster kiddie romp .