'A Christmas Carol' Vocabulary Study List

From Charles Dickens' Christmas Classic

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Here's a vocabulary list from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. You can use this list to help understand the text. If you come across a word you're unfamiliar with looking it up can boost your reading comprehension. You can use this list to help your study group prep for essays about the book. 

Stave 1

  • ironmongery- a store that sells iron works. 
  • unhallowed- something unholy
  • residuary- the person entitled to the remainder of an estate.
  • ramparts- anything that acts as a barricade  barricade 
  • entreaty- a sincere request
  • trifle- something of little value
  • phantoms- spirits or illusions
  • intimation- a suggestion
  • morose- a bleak outlook  or attitude 
  • impropriety- something improper or inappropriate 
  • resolute- a determined outlook 
  • homage- to pay public respect or honor something
  • ominous- to give an impression of doom or imply bad things will happen
  • facetious-to treat something serious with a deliberate lack of care
  • brazier- a portable heater that uses lighted coals
  • solitude- to be alone
  • misanthropic- disliking people in general and having an anti-social bad attitude
  • garret-a room just under the roof of a house. It's usually very small. 
  • congenial- a pleasant or friendly personality
  • phenomenon-a fact or situation which is unexplained
  • irresolution- to be uncertain
  • transparent- something that is see through or fully explained
  • caustic- bitter sarcasm 
  • waggish- playful or mischevious humor
  • spectre- ghost or vision 
  • remorse- to deeply regret something
  • benevolence- well meaning and kind
  • apparition- a ghost or other human-like spirit 
  • dirge- a funeral song

Stave 2

  • opaque- something that is unclear
  • preposterous- absurd or ridiculous
  • perplexed- confused 
  • endeavored- tried hard to achieve 
  • recumbent- something laying down
  • fluctuated- to irregularly rise and fall
  • supplication- earnest begging
  • vestige- a small trace of something that is no longer here
  • extraordinary- something unusual
  • condescension- an attitude of disdainful superiority
  • celestial- part of the heavens
  • terrestrial- relating to the Earth
  • agitation- nervous excitement 
  • avarice- extreme greed
  • tumultuous- a confused excitement 
  • uproarious- provoking a loud sound or laughter
  • brigands- a member of a gang of thieves 
  • boisterous- a noisy or energetic crowd or a loud storm
  • onslaught- a fierce attack
  • despoil- to steal violently
  • irrepressible- uncontrollable
  • haggard- looking exhausted
  • irresistible- unable to resist

Stave 3

  • apprehensive- hesitant or fearful
  • spontaneous- performed on impulse
  • combustion- burning
  • consolation- comfort after a disappointment
  • predicament- a difficult situation
  • capacious- roomy 
  • artifice- a clever device to trick someone
  • scabbard- a sheath for a weapon
  • jovial- happy and friendly 
  • parapets- a low protective wall
  • apoplectic- to be overcome with anger
  • opulence- to show extreme wealth 
  • demurely- to do with modesty 
  • conspicuous- to stand out
  • heresy- a belief that goes against the teachings of the Christian church
  • penitence- showing sorrow or regret
  • rebuke- sharp disapproval
  • odious- extremely repulsive

Stave 4

  • shroud-a burial wrapping
  • pendulous- loosely hanging down
  • excrescence- an unpleasant addition 
  • latent- hidden or dormant
  • resolutions- a firm choice not to do something
  • slipshod- carless
  • cesspools- a storage unit for liquid waste

Stave 5

  • extravagance- a lack of restraint in spending wealth
  • illustrious- well known or respected
  • array- a range of a type of thing
  • feign- to pretend to be affected by something
  • malady- an illness 

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