A Christmas Miracle Poem

Christmas Poem Telling the Story of a Mother's Desperate Prayer

A Mother's Desperate Prayer for a Christmas Miracle
Photo Source: Pixabay / Composition: Sue Chastain

"A Christmas Miracle" is an original Christian poem telling the story of a mother's desperate prayer and a Christmas miracle for her little boy.

A Christmas Miracle

It was six months ago, and a day,
When her husband passed away.
The doctors said there's no more to do,
So she quit her job to help him through.

The child was sleeping when his father died,
To tell her son, oh, how she tried.
The little boy cried that night,
Full of fear, full of fright.

And on that night she lost her faith,
Never to believe in the "Pearly Gate."
She made a vow to never pray,
It meant nothing now, anyway.

At the funeral, he could only stare,
Wishing that his dad were there.
Tears were filling people's eyes,
Saddened by the young boy's cries.

As the months went by, things got rough,
She went back to work, but it wasn't enough.
With no food, no money, and bills to pay,
She just couldn't bring herself to pray.

Before she knew it, it was Christmastime,
And she wasn't able to save a dime.
She felt so bad that she had no tree,
For all her son's friends to see.

On Christmas Eve, they slept together;
She promised her son, she'd be there forever.
He asked her if Santa was coming tonight.
She whispered no, with tears in sight.

Her son would sulk, it wasn't fair;
She hated to see him in despair.
She wanted to give her son some joy,
Oh, how she wished she had a toy.


The mother got to her knees to pray,
Asking the Lord to hear her say.

She asked for help to return a smile,
To the face of her little child.

On Christmas morning, the boy was screaming;
She saw his eyes were wide and gleaming.
At the door were games, toys, even a bike,
And a card that said, "For the tyke."

With a great big smile and eyes so bright,
He kissed his mom as he held her tight.

She learned that a charity heard of her plight,
And frantically scrambled through the night.

Then again:

The mother got to her knees to pray,
Thanking the Lord for hearing her say.
She thanked the Lord for returning a smile,
To the face of her little child.

--Paul R. MacPherson

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