A Guide to Determining the Right Size Bike for You

How to Size and Fit a Bike

Close up of bicycle seat
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Determining the right bike size can be tricky. Here are bike sizing charts for road bikes, mountain bikes, kids' bikes, hybrids and more, plus ways to adjust your own bike to fit your body more perfectly.

Bike Sizing Charts

Sizing a bike can depend on the type of bicycle you want. Check out these helpful charts and resources to get started.

Bike Fitting Tips

Once you've found a bike that is approximately the right frame size for you, you want to make sure it really is a good fit for you and your unique body dimensions. Here's how to tell if the bike is truly right for you, and specific points on how you can fine tune the seat and handlebars to make it perfectly comfortable for you.

Bike Buyers Guide

Buying a bike can seem a little intimidating. So many choices—how do you even know where to start? Use the guides below to help you determine the right kind of bike for you, and where to look for great deals on great bikes, whether for you or your kids.

Guide to Bike Styles

Wondering just what makes a road bike different from a mountain bike, or why you'd want to perhaps ride a hybrid?

Check out our guides to different kinds of bikes and what makes them unique, plus a look at which kind might be right for you.