à La Bonne Franquette

French expessions analyzed and explained

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Expression: À la bonne franquette

Pronunciation: [a la buhn fra(n) keht]

Meaning: simple, without any fuss, informal

Register: informal


The French expression à la bonne franquette is somewhat old-fashioned, but you can still hear it quite a bit. Franquette is a diminutive of franc, meaning "frank" or "straightforward." So à la bonne franquette is kind of like saying "really simple" with no negative connotation. You can use it like an adjective—"simple" or "unceremonious"—or like an adverb—"simply" or "unceremoniously." We've also heard it used for potluck meals (where guests bring dishes to share), which has no real French equivalent.


   C'est une réunion à la bonne franquette.

   It's an informal meeting.


   Nous avons mangé à la bonne franquette.

   We ate a simple meal.

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