À la vôtre: Cheers in French

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Expression: À la vôtre

Pronunciation: [a la vot(reu)]

Meaning: Cheers! To your health!

Literal translation: To yours!

Register: normal/informal


The French expression à la vôtre is the most common way to toast people. It's a contraction of à votre santé, hence the feminine definite article la in the possessive pronoun la vôtre. Use à la vôtre with a group of people in an informal situation.

In a more formal situation, whether talking to one person or to a group, it's better to start with à votre santé. After someone says à votre santé, you can then respond with (et) à la vôtre.

To toast just one person in an informal situation, say à la tienne. Again, it can be in two parts: À ta santé ! Et à la tienne ! And there's also a jokey variation: À la tienne, Étienne ! (no matter what the person's name actually is).

If you're not sure whether to use à la tienne or à la vôtre, take a look at the lesson on tu vs vous.

A group can toast itself with À notre santé ! and À la nôtre!

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