Popular Japanese Baby Names

Popular Japanese baby names

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People often ask what a Japanese name means. This is not an easy question to answer, as they are not as simple as English names. Japanese names are usually written in kanji, though some names are written in hiragana or even katakana, a style that's more typically used for words of non-Japanese origin.

Kanji Characters for Names

Each kanji character has its own meaning. Since there are thousands of kanji to choose from, even the same phonetically-sounding name can be written with many different kanji combinations. Depending on which characters are used, the meaning of the name differs. Therefore it is hard to know what characters are used for a name and what the meaning of a name is just by its pronunciation.

For example, "Keiko" is a popular name for a female baby. ("Ko", meaning child, is often used at the end of female names.) Despite the seeming simplicity of the name, there are more than 70 different ways to write "Keiko" in kanji.

How to Choose a Japanese Baby Name

There are many ways to choose a name for a baby. A tactic used by the Japanese is to use an image as inspiration. For instance, an image from nature, a natural phenomenon, the seasons, color, arts, a jewel, and so on. Then, the parents may select one or two kanji characters, such as ocean, star or spring, to be used in a name.

Japanese baby names are also inspired by what the parents wish upon their child. The kanji characters for courage, happiness, wisdom, success, or beauty are popularly used in a name to represent what one wishes or hopes the baby's defining characteristics will be.

Parents could also choose the kanji characters they want to use, then create the name. There are quite a few kanji characters that are popular for names, such as dai (big) and ta (great) for boys, or mi (beauty) and yuu (gentle) for girls.

When parents wish to name a child after one of their first names or relative's name, they use one of the kanji characters from that person's name instead of giving them exactly the same name.

A baby's name can also be decided based on the sound. If certain kanji characters sound particularly pleasing to the parents' ear, then that could compose their baby's name.

Naming a child after a historical person, hero/heroine of a novel or a celebrity is also common.  

Typical Endings of Japanese Names

You may notice that many Japanese names end in the same way. There are common endings placed on names based on gender. Here are popular endings for male versus female babies.

  • Male Names: ~aki, ~fumi, ~go, ~haru, ~hei, ~hiko, ~hisa, ~hide, ~hiro, ~ji, ~kazu, ~ki, ~ma, ~masa, ~michi, ~mitsu, ~nari, ~nobu, ~nori, ~o, ~rou, ~shi, ~shige, ~suke, ~ta, ~taka, ~to, ~toshi, ~tomo, ~ya, ~zou, etc.
  • Female Names: ~a, ~chi, ~e, ~ho, ~i, ~ka, ~ki, ~ko, ~mi, ~na, ~no, ~o, ~ri, ~sa, ~ya, ~yo, etc.

Below you'll find some of the most popular male and female names arranged alphabetically.

Japanese Names That Begin With "A"

For Boys:

Aguri, Aiji, Aito, Aki, Akifumi, Akihide, Akihiko, Akihiro, Akihito, Akimitsu, Akinari, Akinobu, Akinori, Akio, Akira, Akitaka, Akito, Akiya, Akiyoshi, Akiyuki, Amon, Aoto, Araki, Arata, Arihiro, Asao, Asato, Asuya, Atsuhiko, Atsuo, Atsushi, Atsuto, Atsutomo, Atsuya, Ayato, Ayumu, Ayuta, Azuma 

For Girls:

Aemi, Ai, Aika, Aiko, Aimi, Aina, Aino, Airi, Akae, Akaho, Akana, Akane, Akari, Akemi, Aki, Akie, Akiha, Akiho, Akiko, Akimi, Akina, Akino, Akiyo, Ako, Ami, Amika, An, Anna, Anri, Anzu, Aoi, Ari, Arika, Arina, Arisa, Asa, Asae, Asaka, Asako, Asami, Asano, Asayo, Asuka, Asumi, Asuna, Atsue, Atsuko, Atsumi, Atsune, Aya, Ayae, Ayaka, Ayako, Ayame, Ayami, Ayana, Ayane, Ayano, Ayu, Ayuka, Ayuko, Ayumi, Azuna, Azusa 

Japanese Names That Begin With "B"

For Boys:

Baku, Bin, Binya, Bunka, Bungo, Bunmei, Benito, Ben

For Girls:

Benika, Beniko, Beniha, Benio 

Japanese Names That Begin With "C"

For Boys:

Chihaya, Chikao, Chikara, Chikashi, Chikato, Chikuma, Chion, Chishou, Chiyuu, Chuu, Chuugo, Chuuya

For Girls:

Chiaki, Chie, Chieka, Chieko, Chiemi, Chieri, Chifumi, Chifuyu, Chigusa, Chiharu, Chihiro, Chiho, Chihoko, Chihori, Chika, Chikage, Chikaho, Chikako, Chikayo, Chikaze, China, Chinatsu, Chinami, Chino, Chio, Chisa, Chisaki, Chisako, Chisami, Chisano, Chisato, Chise, Chisuzu, Chitose, Chiyako, Chiyo, Chiyoko, Chiyoe, Chiyori, Chiyu, Chiyuki, Chiyuri, Chizu, Chizue, Chizuka, Chizuko, Chizumi, Chizuru, Chouko

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "D"

 Dai, Daichi, Daigo, Daiki, Daisuke, Dan

Japanese Names That Begin With "E"

For Boys:

Ei, Eiichi, Eigo, Eiji, Eiki, Eikou, Eisaku, Eisei, Eisuke, Eita, Eito, Eiya, Emori, Engo, Enya, Etsuo, Etsushi, Etsuya

For Girls:

Eho, Ei, Eika, Eiko, Eimi, Eka, Eko, Ema, Emi, Emiho, Emika, Emiko, Emiri, Ena, Erena, Eri, Erika, Eriko, Erina, Erisa, Esum, Etsu, Etsuko, Etsumi

Japanese Names That Begin With "F"

For Boys:

Fukashi, Fumiaki, Fumihiko, Fumihiro, Fumiki, Fumio Fumisato, Fumitaka,Fumitake, Fumito, Fumiya, Funato, Fusao, Fusashi, Futoshi, Fuuga, Fuugo, Fuuta, Fuuto, Fuuya, Fuyuhiko, Fuyuki

For Girls:

Fuji, Fujiko, Fujie, Fuki, Fukiko, Fukiyo, Fukuko, Fukuyo, Fumi, Fumie, Fumiho, Fumika, Fumiko, Fumina, Fumino, Fumiyo, Fusa, Fusae, Fusako, Fusam, Fusayo, Futaba, Fuuka Fuuki Fuuko, Fuyu, Fuyuka, Fuyuko Fuyumi

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "G"

Gai, Gaku, Gakushi, Gakuto, Gakuya, Gen, Gengo, Genichi, Genji, Genki, Genta, Genya, Giichi, Ginga, Gingo, Gou, Gouki, Goushi, Gousuke, Gouta, Gyou, Gyousei 

Japanese Names That Begin With "H"

For Boys:

Hagane, Hajime, Hakuba, Han, Haruaki, Haruhide, Haruhiko, Haruhisa, Haruka, Haruki, Haruo, Haruya, Haruyuki, Hatsuto, Hayaki, Hayao, Hayate, Hayato, Heima, Heisuke, Heita, Heiya, Hibiki, Hidaka, Hideaki, Hidefumi, Hideharu, Hidehiko, Hidehisa, Hidekazu, Hideki, Hidenori, Hideo, Hidetaka, Hideto, Hidetoshi, Hidetsugu, Hidesuke, Hideya, Hideyasu, Hideyo, Hideyuki, Hifumi, Hikaru, Hiraku, Hiro, Hiroaki, Hirohiko, Hirokazu, Hiroki, Hiromasa, Hiromi, Hiromichi, Hiromitsu, Hiromu, Hironobu, Hironori, Hiroo, Hiroshi, Hirotaka, Hirotsugu, Hiroto, Hiroya, Hiroyasu, Hiroyuki, Hiryuu, Hisamichi, Hisao, Hisashi, Hisato, Hisaya, Hitoshi, Hiyuu, Homare, Honoo, Hotaka, Hokuto, Hoshihiko, Hoshihito, Housei, Hozumi, Hyougo, Hyouma, Hyuuga, Hyuuma

For Girls:

Hagino, Hako, Hamako, Hamano, Hami, Hana, Hanae, Hanaka, Hanako, Hanayo, Harue, Haruka, Haruko, Harumi, Haruna, Haruno, Haruyo, Hasumi, Hatomi, Hatsu, Hatsue, Hatsuho, Hatsuko, Hatsumi, Hatsuna, Hatsune, Hatsuyo, Hayaka, Hazuki, Hibari, Hideka, Hideko, Hidemi, Hideyo, Hikari, Hikaru, Himeka, Himeko, Himiko, Hina, Hinako, Hirari, Hiro, Hiroe, Hiroha, Hiroko, Hiromi, Hirona, Hiroyo, Hisa, Hisae, Hisako, Hisami, Hisano, Hisayo, Hitomi, Hizuru, Homi, Homika, Homina, Homugi, Hona, Honami, Honoka, Honomi, Hoshika, Hoshiko, Hoshimi, Hoshiyo, Hosuzu, Hotaru, Hozumi

Japanese Names That Begin With "I"

For Boys:

Ibuki, Ichiei, Ichiro, Ichirou, Ichirouta, Ichita, Idomu, Ikkaku, Ikkei, Ikki, Ikkou, Iku, Ikuei, Ikuma, Ikumi, Ikumu, Ikuo, Ikuto, Ikuya, Iori, Iruma, Isao, Isami, Isamu, Isato, Ishin, Issei, Issui, Itaru, Itsuma, Itsuo, Itsuto, Itsuya, Iwao, Iwato, Izuho, Izumi, Izuru

For Girls:

Ichie, Ichiha, Ichiho, Ichiko, Ikue, Ikuko, Ikumi, Ikuna, Ikuyo, Imari, Ine, Io, Iria, Isa, Isae, Isaki, Isako, Isano, Isoko, Isono, Itsuka, Itsuko, Itsumi, Itsuyo, Iyo, Iyona, Izumi 

Japanese Names That Begin With "J"

For Boys:

Jin, Jinsei, Jinya, Jimon, Jiyuu, Jou, Jougo, Jouichi, Jouichirou, Jouji, Jouta, Jun, Jungo, Junichi, Junji, Junpei, Junsaku, Junsuke, Junya

For Girls:

June, Junko, Junna, Juri, Juria 

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "K"

Kabuto, Kadoma, Kagehiko, Kageki, Kai, Kaihei, Kaikou, Kaimei, Kaisei, Kaishi, Kaishou, Kaita, Kaito, Kakeru, Kaku, Kan, Kaname, Kango, Kanji, Kanta, Kanto, Kanya, Kaoru, Katsuaki, Katsuhiko, Katsuki, Katsuma, Katsumi, Katsunori, Katsushi, Katsuto, Katsuya, Kayato, Kayuu, Kazaki, Kazuaki, Kazufumi, Kazuharu, Kazuhide, Kazuhiko, Kazuhiro, Kazuho, Kazuki, Kazuma, Kazumasa, Kazumi, Kazumu, Kazunari, Kazune, Kazunobu, Kazunori, Kazuo, Kazuomi, Kazushi, Kazushige, Kazutaka, Kazuteru, Kazuto, Kazutoshi, Kazuya, Kazuyasu, Kazuyoshi, Kazuyuki, Kei, Keigo, Keiichi, Keiji, Keiju, Keisei, Keishou, Keishuu, Keisuke, Keita, Keito, Keiya, Keizou, Ken, Kenichi, Kenichirou, Kengo, Kenji, Kenjirou, Kenma, Kensaku, Kensei, Kenshirou, Kenshou, Kensou, Kensuke, Kenta, Kentarou, Kento, Kenya, Kii, Kiichi, Kikuma, Kimiaki, Kimihiko, Kimio, Kimiya, Kimiyuki, Kingo, Kinichi, Kinji, Kinya, Kirima, Kishin, Kisuke, Kitaru, Kiwamu, Kiyoaki, Kiyofumi, Kiyohiko, Kiyomichi, Kiyoshi, Kiyoshige, Kiyosumi, Kiyotaka, Kiyoteru, Kiyoto, Kiyuu, Kizashi, Kodama, Komimasa, Komiya, Koreya, Kotoya, Kou, Kouchi, Koudai, Koudo, Koufuu, Kouhei, Kouichi, Kouji, Koujirou, Koukai, Kouki, Kousei, Koushirou, Koushou, Koushuu, Kousuke, Kouta, Koutarou, Kouya, Kouyou, Kouyuu, Kunihide, Kunihiro, Kunio, Kuniyuki, Kuon, Kuroudo, Kusahiko, Kuugo, Kuuya, Kyouhei, Kyouichi, Kyougo, Kyouji, Kyousuke, Kyouta, Kyouya, Kyuuji, Kyuuto, Kyuuya

Japanese Girl Names That Begin With "K"

Kae, Kaede, Kaho, Kahoko, Kahori, Kahoru, Kako, Kami, Kana, Kanae, Kanako, Kanami, Kanayo, Kanna, Kanon, Kao, Kaoru, Kaoruko, Kaori, Karen, Karin, Karina, Kasumi, Katsu, Katsue, Katsuki, Katsuko, Katsumi, Kaya, Kayami, Kayo, Kayoko, Kayu, Kazu, Kazue, Kazuha, Kazuho, Kazuko, Kazumi, Kazuna, Kazuno, Kazuyo, Kei, Keiko, Keina, Kii, Kie, Kiho, Kihomi, Kiko, Kiku, Kikue, Kikuka, Kikuko, Kikumi, Kikuno, Kikuyo, Kimi, Kimie, Kimiho, Kimika, Kimiko, Kimiyo, Kina, Kinu, Kinue, Kinuho, Kinuka, Kinuko, Kinumi, Kino, Kinoka, Kirari, Kiri, Kirie, Kirika, Kisa, Kiwa, Kiyo, Kiyoe, Kiyoka, Kiyoko, Kiyomi, Kiyone, Kiyono, Kiyori, Kiyumi, Kofuyu, Koharu, Koma, Komaki, Komi, Konami, Konatsu, Konomi, Koto, Kotoe, Kotoha, Kotoka, Kotomi, Kotone, Kotono, Kotori, Kotoyo, Kouko, Koume, Kozue, Kumi, Kumiko, Kunie, Kunika, Kuniko, Kunimi, Kurea, Kurumi, Kyouka, Kyouko, Kyoumi

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "M"

Mahito, Makihiko, Makio, Makishi, Makito, Makiya, Makoto, Mamio, Mamoru, Manabu, Mao, Masa, Masaaki, Masafumi, Masaharu, Masahide, Masahiko, Masahiro, Masahito, Masakatsu, Masakazu, Masaki, Masakuni, Masami, Masamichi, Masamitsu, Masanari, Masanobu, Masao, Masaru, Masashi, Masataka, Masatake, Masateru, Masato, Masatoshi, Masaya, Masayoshi, Masayuki, Mashuu, Masumi, Masuo, Masuto, Mayo, Mayoku, Mayuhiko, Meguru, Meitetsu, Meiya, Michiaki, Michihiko, Michihito, Michiki, Michinori, Michio, Michisato, Michito, Michiya, Michiyuki, Mikihiko, Mikihisa, Mikio, Mikita, Mikito, Mikiya, Mikiyasu, Minao, Minato, Minehiko, Minehiro, Mineki, Mineo, Mineta, Mineto, Mineyuki, Minoru, Mirai, Mitsuaki, Mitsuharu, Mitsuhiko, Mitsuhiro, Mitsuki, Mitsunobu, Mitsunori, Mitsuo, Mitsuru, Mitsutaka, Mitsuto, Mitsuya, Mizuto, Mochihiro, Mochihito, Momota, Moriaki, Morihiko, Morihiro, Morio, Moriya, Moto, Motoaki, Motochika, Motoharu, Motohiko, Motohiro, Motokazu, Motoki, Motomu, Motonari, Motoshi, Mototsugu, Motoya, Motoyuki, Mugen, Mugito, Munehiko, Muneto, Muneyuki, Musashi, Mutsu, Mutsuhiko, Mutsuo, Mutsuto 

Japanese Girl Names That Begin With "M"

Machi, Machika, Machiko, Madoka, Mae, Maeka, Mahiru, Mafumi, Maho, Mahoko, Mahomi, Mai, Maiha, Maiho, Maika, Maiko, Maimi, Maina, Maino, Maki, Makiko, Mako, Makoto, Mami, Mamie, Mamika, Mamiko, Mamina, Mamiyu, Mana, Manaka, Manako, Manami, Mano, Mao, Maori, Mai, Maria, Marie, Marika, Mariko, Marina, Marino, Mariya, Mariyo, Maruko, Marumi, Masae, Masako, Masami, Masana, Masano, Masayo, Masuho, Masumi, Masuzu, Matsuho, Matsuko, Matsuyo, Maya, Mayako, Mayo, Mayu, Mayuha, Mayuka, Mayuki, Mayuko, Mayumi, Mayuna, Mei, Megumi, Michie, Michiko, Michiyo, Midori, Mie, Mieko, Miho, Mihoko, Mika, Mikako, Mikayo, Miki, Mikiko, Miko, Mimi, Mina, Minako, Mine, Mineko, Mineyo, Mio, Mirai, Misa, Misae, Misaki, Misako, Misayo, Misora, Misumi, Mito, Mitoki, Mitsue, Mitsuko, Mitsuyo, Miwa, Miya, Miyabi, Miyako, Miyo, Miyoko, Miyu, Miyuki, Moe, Moeka, Momo, Momoe, Momoka, Motoe, Motoko, Motoyo, Mutsuko 

Japanese Names That Begin With "N"

For Boys:

Nagaharu, Namihiko, Namito, Nao, Naoaki, Naoharu, Naohiko, Naoki, Naota, Naotaka, Naotake, Naotatsu, Naoto, Naoya, Naoyuki, Naozumi, Nariaki, Naruaki, Naruhiko, Naruki, Narushi, Naruto, Natsuhiko, Natsuhisa, Natsuhito, Natsuki, Natsuo, Nichika, Niito, Nijito, Nijiya, Nishiki, Noboru, Nobu, Nobuaki, Nobuharu, Nobuhiko, Nobuhiro, Nobuki, Nobuo, Nobutaka, Nobuto, Nobuya, Nobuyoshi, Nobuyuki, Noriaki, Norihiko, Norikazu, Norimasa, Norio, Noritaka, Norito, Noriya, Noriyuki, Nozomi

For Girls:

Nachi, Nae, Naeko, Nagami, Nagi, Nagisa, Nagomi, Naho, Nahoe, Nahoko, Naka, Nakako, Nako, Nami, Namie, Namika, Namiko, Namiyo, Nana, Nanae, Nanaho, Nanaka, Nanako, Nanami, Nanao, Nanase, Nao, Naoko, Naomi, Nari, Narimi, Naru, Narue, Naruha, Naruho, Naruko, Narumi, Natsu, Natsue, Natsuho, Natsuki, Natsuko, Natsumi, Natsuyo, Nayu, Nayuko, Nayumi, Nene, Nichie, Niina, Nijie, Nijika, Nijiko, Nijimi, Nijino, Nijiyo, Nina, Noa, Nobue, Nobuko, Nobumi, Nodoka, Noe, Nogiku, Noko, Nono, Nonoe, Nonoko, Nonomi, Norie, Norika, Noriko, Norimi, Nozomi, Nui, Nuiko, Nunoe

Japanese Names That Begin With "O"

For Boys:

Okahito, Okita, Okito, Orito, Osami, Osamu, Otohiko, Otoya, Ouga, Ouji, Outa, Ouya

For Girls:

Okimi, Orie, Orika, Orimi

Japanese Names That Begin With "R"

For Boys:

Reiji, Ren, Rihito, Riichi, Riki, Rikiya, Riku, Rikuto, Rin, Rishou, Ritsuki, Ritsuo, Ryou, Ryouichi, Ryouhei, Ryouji, Ryouma, Ryousei, Ryousuke, Ryouta, Ryouya, Ryuu, Ryuugo, Ryuuji, Ryuuhei, Ryuuichi, Ryuuma, Ryuumei, Ryuunosuke, Ryuusei, Ryuusuke, Ryuuta, Ryuuto, Ryuuya

For Girls:

Raina, Rami, Ramika, Ran, Rana, Raraka, Rarisa, Rei, Reia, Reika, Reiko, Reimi, Reina, Reiri, Remi, Remika, Remiyu, Ren, Rena, Reona, Ria, Rie, Rieka, Rieko, Riemi, Riho, Riina, Rika, Rikae, Rikako, Rikana, Riko, Rima, Rimi, Rin, Rina, Rino, Rinoka, Rio, Rioko, Rion, Riona, Rira, Riri, Ririka, Ririko, Ririsa, Riruko, Risa, Risae, Risako, Risami, Rise, Ritsu, Ritsuko, Riya, Riyo, Riyoka, Rizu, Roka, Romi, Rona, Rui, Ruka, Rumi, Rumie, Rumika, Rumiko, Runa, Ruri, Ruriko, Ryouko

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "S"

Sachio, Sachiya, Sadaharu, Sadahiko, Sadahiro, Sadami, Sadao, Sadato, Sahara, Sai, Saiki, Saimei, Saita, Sakio, Sakito, Sakuma, Sakutarou, Sakuya, Sakyou, Satoaki, Satoki, Satomi, Satomu, Satonori, Satoru, Satoshi, Satoya, Satoyuki, Satsuya, Sei, Seiga, Seigi, Seigo, Seiichi, Seiji, Seijun, Seiryuu, Seita, Seitarou, Seito, Seiya, Senri, Senta, Shigeaki, Shigeatsu, Shigehiko, Shigehisa, Shigehito, Shigeki, Shigenori, Shigeo, Shigeru, Shigeta, Shigetaka, Shigeto, Shigeya, Shigeyuki, Shiki, Shikio, Shikou, Shimon, Shin, Shinga, Shingo, Shinichi, Shinji, Shinjitsu, Shinki, Shinpei, Shinpo, Shinri, Shinsaku, Shinsei, Shinshou, Shinshuu, Shinsuke, Shinta, Shintarou, Shinto, Shinya, Shion, Shirou, Shizuki, Shizuma, Shizuo, Shizuya, Shou, Shoudai, Shougo, Shouhei, Shouji, Shouma, Shousei, Shousuke, Shouta, Shoutarou, Shouya, Shun, Shungo, Shunichi, Shunma, Shunji, Shunki, Shunpei, Shunsaku, Shunsuke, Shunta, Shuntarou, Shunya, Shuu, Shuuhei, Shuuji, Shuumon, Shuukou, Shuurei, Shuusei, Shuusaku, Shuusuke, Shuuto, Shuuya, Sora, Sorahiko, Sou, Soudai, Souhei, Souichi, Sougo, Souji, Souma, Soumei, Soushi, Sousuke, Souta, Souya, Subaru, Suguru, Sumiaki, Sumio, Sumito, Sumiya, Sunao, Susumu 

Japanese Girl Names That Begin With "S"

Saaya, Sachi, Sachie, Sachiho, Sachiko, Sachina, Sachiyo, Sadae, Sadaka, Sadako, Sadami, Sadayo, Sae, Saeka, Saeko, Saemi, Saho, Sahoko, Sahori, Sai, Saika, Saiko, Sakae, Saki, Sakie, Sakika, Sakiko, Sakimi, Sakina, Sakino, Sakiyo, Sakura, Sakurako, Sako, Sana, Sanae, Sanako, Sanami, Saori, Sara, Sari, Sarina, Sasara, Sato, Satoe, Satoko, Satomi, Satori, Satoyo, Satsuki, Sawa, Sawaka, Sawako, Saya, Sayae, Sayaka, Sayako, Sayami, Sayana, Sayano, Sayo, Sayoka, Sayoko, Sayu, Sayuki, Sayumi, Sayuri, Seika, Seiko, Seina, Seira, Seiya, Sena, Senami, Serena, Seria, Serika, Serina, Serino, Seshiru, Setsuko, Setsumi, Shie, Shiemi, Shieri, Shifumi, Shigeko, Shigemi, Shigeri, Shiho, Shihoka, Shihoko, Shihomi, Shihona, Shihori, Shima, Shino, Shinobu, Shio, Shiomi, Shiori, Shirabe, Shiria, Shiyoka, Shiyomi, Shizu, Shizue, Shizuha, Shizuho, Shizuka, Shizuko, Shizuna, Shizuri, Shizuru, Shouko, Shuuko, Sonia, Sonoe, Sonoka, Sonoko, Sonomi, Souko, Sugako, Sugina, Sumi, Sumie, Sumiho, Sumika, Sumiko, Sumina, Sumire, Sumiyo, Suzu, Suzuha, Suzuka, Suzumi, Suzuna, Suzune 

Japanese Boy Names That Begin With "T"

Tabito, Tadaaki, Tadahiko, Tadahiro, Tadami, Tadanori, Tadao, Tadashi, Tai, Taichi, Taiga, Taigo, Taiji, Taiju, Taiki, Taimei, Taimu, Taira, Taisei, Taishi, Taishou, Taishuu, Taisuke, Taiyou, Taka, Takaaki, Takafumi, Takaharu, Takahiko, Takahiro, Takahi, To, Takajin, Takakazu, Takaki, Takamasa, Takamichi, Takanobu, Takao, Takara, Takase, Takashi, Taka, Teru, Taka, To, Taka, Toshi, Takaya, Takayoshi, Takayuki, Takeaki, Takefumi, Takehiko, Takehiro, Takeki, Takemi, Takeo, Takerou, Takeru, Takeshi, Take, To, Takeya, Takeyuki, Taki, To, Taku, Takuei, Takuho, Takuji, Takuma, Takumi, Takuo, Takurou, Takushi, Taku, To, Takuya, Takuyou, Tamo, Tsu, Tarou, Tasuku, Ta, Tsuaki, Ta, Tsuharu, Ta, Tsuhi, Ta, Tsuhiko, Ta, Tsuhiro, Ta, Tsuki, Ta, Tsuma, Ta, Tsumi, Ta, Tsunori, Ta, Tsuo, Ta, Tsurou, Ta, Tsuru, Ta, Tsu, To, Ta, Tsuya, Ta, Tsuyuki, Tenchi, Tenkou, Tenma, Tenmu, Tenri, Tenshou, Tensui, Tenyuu, Teppei, Teru, Teruaki, Teruhi, Teruhiko, Teruhisa, Teruki, Teruo, Teruyoshi, Teruyuki, Te, Tsu, Te, Tsugaku, Te, Tsuharu, Te, Tsuji, Te, Tsuo, Te, Tsurou, Te, Tsushi, Te, Tsushou, Te, Tsuya, Tokihiko, Tokio, Toki, To, Tokiya, Tokuma, Tomiyuki, Tomo, Tomoaki, Tomochika, Tomofumi, Tomoharu, Tomohide, Tomohiko, Tomohiro, Tomohisa, Tomokazu, Tomoki, Tomomi, Tomomichi, Tomonari, Tomoya, Tomoyuki, Tooru, Torai, Toshiaki, Toshiharu, Toshihiko, Toshihisa, Toshiki, Toshimi, Toshimichi, Toshinori, Toshio, Toshiya, Toshiyuki, Tougo, Touma, Tousei, Toushi, Tou, Ta, Touya, Toyohiko, Toyokazu, Toyoki, Tsubasa, Tsuguhiko, Tsuguo, Tsugu, To, Tsukasa, Tsukihiko, Tsukiya, Tsuneharu, Tsunehiko, Tsuneki, Tsuneo, Tsune, To, Tsurugi, Tsu, Tomu, Tsuyoshi

Japanese Girl Names That Begin With "T"

Tae, Taemi, Taeko, Takae, Takaho, Takako, Takami, Takana, Takane, Takiko, Tamae, Tamaki, Tamami, Tamao, Tamika, Ta, Tsumi, Terue, Teruha, Teruho, Teruko, Terumi, Teruna, Te, Tsumi, Tokie, Tokiko, Tokimi, Tomie, Tomo, Tomoe, Tomoha, Tomoka, Tomoko, Tomomi, Tomono, Tomoyo, Toshie, Toshiko, Toshimi, Touko, Toyoe, Toyoha, Tsuguho, Tsuguka, Tsugumi, Tsukika, Tsukiko, Tsukimi, Tsumugi, Tsuneko, Tsuyako, Tsuyuha, Tsuyuho, Tsuzumi, Tsuzune 

Japanese Names That Begin With "U"

For Boys:

Uchito, Uchuu, Ukita, Ukito, Ukon, Ukyou, Umi, Umihiko, Umito, Ushio

For Girls:

Ui, Uiko, Uki, Umi, Umeka, Urara, Uran, Utae, Utako, Uzuki

Japanese Names That Begin With "Y"

For Boys:

Yamahiko, Yamato, Yasuaki, Yasuharu, Yasuhiko, Yasuhiro, Yasuhisa, Yasuki, Yasumasa, Yasunari, Yasunobu, Yasunori, Yasuo, Yasuomi, Yasushi, Yasutaka, Yasutoshi, Yasuyuki, Yawara, Yokuya, Yorihiko, Yoshiaki, Yoshifumi, Yoshiharu, Yoshihide, Yoshihiko, Yoshihiro, Yoshihisa, Yoshikazu, Yoshiki, Yoshimasa, Yoshimichi, Yoshimitsu, Yoshinobu, Yoshinori, Yoshio, Yoshisato, Yoshitaka, Yoshito, Yoshitsugu, Yoshiya, Yoshiyuki, You, Youhei, Youichi, Youichirou, Youji, Youki, Youkou, Youku, Yousui, Yousuke, Youta, Yuigo, Yuito, Yukihiko, Yukihiro, Yukihisa, Yukihito, Yukimasa, Yukio, Yukitaka, Yukito, Yukiya, Yumihiko, Yumita, Yumito, Yumiya, Yutaka, Yuu, Yuudai, Yuuga, Yuugo, Yuugou, Yuuichi, Yuuichirou, Yuuji, Yuujin, Yuuhei, Yuuhi, Yuuho, Yuuki, Yuukou, Yuuma, Yuusaku, Yuusei, Yuushirou, Yuushuu, Yuusou, Yuusuke, Yuuta, Yuuto, Yuuwa, Yuuya, Yuuzou, Yuzuru

For Girls:

Yae, Yaeka, Yaeko, Yasue, Yasuha, Yasuho, Yasuka, Yasuko, Yasumi, Yasuna, Yasuno, Yasuyo, Yatsumi, Yayoi, Yorie, Yorika, Yoriko, Yorimi, Yoshie, Yoshika, Yoshiko, Yoshimi, Yoshino, You, Youka, Youko, Yue, Yufu, Yuho, Yui, Yuiha, Yuiho, Yuika, Yuiko, Yuina, Yuiri, Yuka, Yukaho, Yukako, Yukami, Yukana, Yukari, Yuki, Yukie, Yukiho, Yukika, Yukiko, Yukimi, Yukina, Yukino, Yukiyo, Yuma, Yumako, Yumi, Yumia, Yumie, Yumika, Yumiko, Yumina, Yumisa, Yume, Yumeji, Yumeka, Yumeko, Yumemi, Yumena, Yumeno, Yura, Yuri, Yuria, Yurie, Yurika, Yuriko, Yurimi, Yurina, Yurino, Yurisa, Yuuha, Yuuhi, Yuuho, Yuuka, Yuuki, Yuuko, Yuumi, Yuuna, Yuuri, Yuzu, Yuzuho, Yuzuka, Yuzuki, Yuzuko, Yuzuna

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