A Message from Nana

The spirit of a woman's nana appears and asks to relay a message to another family member who is under stress

Years ago, I was in the process of a divorce and my godmother was very angry with me about it. A very heated argument ensued with the relationship being severed. I relocated to another area about 800 miles away from her.

Prior to the divorce, I had a very close relationship with her and her family for over 35 years.

About five years prior to the divorce, my godmother's mother, my Nana, had a stroke and died three days later. Everyone in the family was devastated, including me. Around the time of my Nana's death, my godmother quarreled with her brothers and sisters and they severed ties with her because of her bitterness and insensitivity.

Anyway, several years after my divorce, I was getting dressed to go to work and turned around to return to the bedroom from putting make-up on in the bathroom. When I turned to return to the bedroom, my Nana was standing there, about three feet from me and communicated to me that I needed to call my godmother and tell her that "Everything is okay" She then disappeared.

I obsessed about that call all day and vacillated about making it as I hadn't spoken to my godmother in many years. I finally decided to call and said that I had something to tell her and went on to tell her about Nana's visit and the message.

My godmother began sobbing and it was several minutes before she could speak clearly. She then told me that her brother had been diagnosed with a rapidly spreading form of lung cancer just a few weeks before and that they were able to reconcile prior to his death. He died at the very moment that Nana appeared to me with her message.

My godmother called later to express her anger that my Nana appeared to me and not her, as she was the person most wanting to see her again. To this date, we have a strained relationship, her family are still at odds with her, and she resents the fact that her mother came from the grave to pass along the message to me and not her.

All of my life, I have accepted paranormal occurrences as a part of my life and have had many "sightings." Maybe Nana felt I would be the best messenger because of my lack of fear.

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