Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold has been an automotive journalist for nearly two decades. He contributes to several automotive publications and is a member of the North American Car and Truck of the Year jury.


A native New Yorker, Aaron started his career in automotive journalism as an intern for What Car? magazine in Great Britain. After returning to the States, Aaron moved to California and began writing for automotive web sites. Aaron is a consulting producer on the History Channel series Top Gear, does video reviews for Autobytel.com, and freelances for other publications, including Autoguide.com, AutoWeb.com, Consumer Reports, and Edmunds.com.

Aaron credits his love for cars to (and occasionally blames it on) his stepfather, a former used car salesman who met Aaron's mother when he sold her a low-mileage 1971 Plymouth Scamp.

Aaron lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Robin; his sons, Robert and Andrew; Bayla the dog, and Fifi the tarantula, all of whom -- except the dog and the spider -- contribute their opinions to Aaron's car reviews.


Aaron studied computer science in college, until making the monumental discovery that he wasn't any good at it. He changed majors and earned a bachelor's degree in communications from the State University of New York. The crowning achievement of his college career was his six-month internship with What Car? Magazine in Britain, where he was, as far as he knows, the only student intern with a company car.

Aaron Gold

"We focus exclusively on cars, as opposed to SUVs and trucks. We cover cars of all types, from fuel-sipping compacts to high-end performance models. I test drive about a hundred new cars a year, and while many publications focus only on the newest releases, I give equal time to new models and best sellers in order to ensure that all of our reviews and top picks lists have a fresh and current perspective. Readers tell me they like well-rounded articles that go beyond simple performance statistics and tell what it's really like to live with a given vehicle on a day-to-day basis -- so that's the approach I take."

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