Using ABC Countdowns to Summer in School

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Let's face it. Everyone's counting down the days until summer vacation—the students, the teachers, even the administrators! Instead of merely marking each passing day off on your calendar, make the countdown fun and give everyone something unique to look forward to!

What's the ABC Countdown?

The "ABC Countdown" is something that teachers put together so that something cool and exciting happens each day to count down to summer. When there are 26 days left in school, assign each day a letter of the alphabet. For example, the 26th day is "A," the 25th day is "B," and so on, all the way down to the last day of school which is "Z."

Have Fun With It

There are fewer than 26 school days left in your year, consider spelling out a shorter word, such as the school name, mascot, or even just the word "Summer." It doesn't matter so much how long the countdown is, just have fun with it.

Examples You Can Use

Next, it's time to get creative! On "A Day," we called it "Art Day" so the kids got to do a special Art lesson in the classroom. On "B Day," we called it "Buddy Reading Day" so the kids brought books from home that they got to read with a friend during silent reading time. "C Day" is "Career Day" and the kids dressed up as a person in the career they would like to enter someday. Future doctors wore white coats and future football players wore their jerseys and brought along a football.

The countdown continues like that until the final day of school, "Z Day," which stands for "Zip Up Your Bags and Zoom Home Day!" The kids love the countdown because it gives them something to get excited about each day.

We would recommend making up flyers with the information for the students to take home. You might also like to make a copy for each child to keep at school for reference. We would bet your students would tape the sheets to their desks and check it off as each day passed. They would really get into it!

If you already have fewer than 26 days left, don't worry! You can still countdown the remaining days with style! Consider spelling out the name of your school, a school motto, or simply the word "summer." The sky's the limit and there are no rules. Brainstorm with your fellow teachers and see what they come up with!

Sound like something you might like to do? 

A Art day: Create a special art project in class

B Buddy reading: Bring a book to read with a friend

C Career day: Dress or bring props to show a job you may enjoy

D Donut day: We will enjoy donuts

E Experiment day: Experiment with science

F Favorite book day: Bring a favorite book

G Game day: Your teacher will teach a new math game

H Hat day: Wear a hat today

I Impromptu speech day: Perform speeches in class

J Joke day: Bring an appropriate joke to share at school

K Kindness day: Share some extra kindness today

L Lollipop Day: Enjoy lollipops in class

M Memorial Day: No School

N No homework: No homework tonight

O Obstacle course: Compete in obstacle courses

P Picnic lunch day: Bring a sack lunch

Q Quiet Day: Who is the quietest student in our class?

R Read a poem day: Bring a favorite poem to share with the class

S Summer birthdays and sing a song: You can share birthday treats

T Twin day: Dress like a friend

U Uplift someone day: Give compliments to each other

V Video day: Watch an educational movie today

W Water balloon toss day: Compete and try to not get wet

X X-change autographs day: Go outside and trade signatures

Y Year-end clearance day: Clean up desks and the room

Z Zip up your bag and go home day: Last day of school!

Have fun with your countdown and enjoy these final days with your class! Testing is over and it's time to kick back and enjoy your students to the max! Happy Summer, teachers!

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