Definition: Cithaeron is the western part of a mountain range in Greece that separates Boeotia from Attica, serving as the border between Thebes and Athens. Cithaeron's maximum elevation is 1,409 m or 4,623 feet.

Cithaeron is featured in Greek history and mythology. Plataea is on the north slope of Mt. Cithaeron, site of the 479 Persian War Battle of Plataea and a festival in honor of Hera. In mythology, it was on Cithaeron that Oedipus was abandoned, the Maenads worked their savagery on King Pentheus, and Artemis turned the Boeotian hunter Actaeon into a stag.

It was also believed there was a cave of the nymphs on Mt. Cithaeron.

Main source: Encyclopedia Britannica.

Alternate Spellings: Kithairon


It is clear that the Plataeans too were of old ruled by kings; for everywhere in Greece in ancient times, kingship and not democracy was the established form of government. But the Plataeans know of no king except Asopus and Cithaeron before him, holding that the latter gave his name to the mountain, the former to the river. I think that Plataea also, after whom the city is named, was a daughter of King Asopus, and not of the river.
Pausanias 9.1.2

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