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Triumph Boat’s slogan is “the World’s Toughest Boat,” but so far, boaters give mixed reviews of Triumph’s performance. When I first reviewed Triumph boats, I was impressed, however; not long after I wrote a blog asking Triumph boat owners to weigh in with their opinion of their boat. I received 32 replies, each giving a different picture of the quality of their boat and the quality of service from dealers and Triumph itself. See for yourself what others are saying about Triumph boats. And if you own one, for better or worse, share your experience in a review.
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2008 Triumph 215CC. Photo courtesy Genmar Holdings

In 2008, I wrote a review of Triumph Boats and was impressed with the overall quality and construction of the boats.

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Triump Owner Reviews

If you are a Triumph boat owner, tell us your experience with your boat, good or bad.  Information from current owners is extremely valuable for other potential buyers in making purchasing decisions. If you are interested in a Triumph boat, see what others are saying.

A blog I wrote after a reader in my forum asked me about Triumph boats rumored to have cracked hulls. Find out what thirty-two Triumph boat owners had to say about their experience. More »

Another blog where I put the question to the boating world. Six people had favorable replies.

What do you think? Do Triumph boats really live up to the hype? Express your views by writing a review and rating Triumph boats. More »