Acids and Bases Quiz

How Well Do You Understand Acids and Bases?

Differently coloured strips of litmus paper illustrating the 'acid to alkali' spectrum in liquids, close up.
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1. Which of the following statements is true concerning acids and bases?
2. True or false: bases are sometimes called alkalis.
3. Which is the correct set of acid properties, as described by Boyle:
4. Neutral solutions have a pH of:
5. An amphoteric substance can act as both an acid and a base. True or false?
6. Which is true?
7. Which substance completely dissociates in water?
8. According to the definitions of acids and bases devised by Lewis:
9. A chemical species having one ionizable hydrogen ion is:
10. Vinegar, fruit juice, and cola are examples of:
Acids and Bases Quiz
You got: % Correct. pH Phailure
I got pH Phailure. Acids and Bases Quiz
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Okay, so this whole acids, bases, and pH thing is either new to you or else boring you to tears. Make learning fun by erupting a color change volcano that uses a pH indicator. Or, switch gears completely and take another quiz. Can you recognize the elements by how they look?

Acids and Bases Quiz
You got: % Correct. You're Associated with Acids and Bases
I got You're Associated with Acids and Bases. Acids and Bases Quiz
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You are familiar with the basic concepts of acids, bases, and pH, but there's more to learn. Are you a hands-on learner? Try experimenting with homemade pH indicator to test household products. Tired of acids and bases? Take a quiz to see how much you know about atoms.

Acids and Bases Quiz
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I got Acids and Bases Ace. Acids and Bases Quiz
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Acids, bases, and pH are no mystery to you! You can identify acids and bases and know their properties. From here, you might want to brush up on pH calculations or even learn about negative pH. Maybe you'd like to switch gears and take another quiz. Can you identify types of chemistry glassware?