ACT Score Comparison for Public Universities in Michigan

A Side-by-Side Comparison of ACT Data for Michigan's 15 Public Universities

Michigan State University - Linton Hall
Michigan State University - Linton Hall. Justin Rumao / Flickr

Each of the 15 public universities in Michigan requires applicants to submit either ACT or SAT scores. Admissions standards, however, vary widely from highly selective University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (one of the country's top public universities) to several schools with a much lower entry bar. Selectivity, of course, shouldn't be an primary factor in your college selection. More important is how well the university aligns with your interests, personality, and professional goals.

From giant Michigan State to the far more intimate Lake Superior State University, Michigan has something to offer to a wide range of applicants.

Use the table below to see how your own ACT scores measure up at each of the state's campuses. The table shows ACT scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for admission. Keep in mind, however, that 25% of matriculated students had SAT scores below the lower number. Your chances of admission won't be as good with scores below the 25% mark, but you shouldn't automatically assume that you won't get in.

It's also important to keep ACT scores in perspective. Admission to Michigan public universities is not a simple mathematical equation. A strong academic record with challenging courses such as AP and IB, meaningful extracurricular activities, and in many cases a winning personal statement can improve your chances.

Different programs may also have different admissions standards, so the numbers below do not tell the whole admissions story.

data from National Center for Educational Statistics

SUNY ACT Scores (mid 50%)
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Central Michigan University202419251925
Eastern Michigan University192418241724
Ferris State University192418241825
Grand Valley State University212621272126
Lake Superior State University202519251825
Michigan State University232823292328
Michigan Technological University242922282530
Northern Michigan University192518251724
Oakland University202620261926
Saginaw Valley State University182418241724
University of Michigan283227312834
University of Michigan-Dearborn222721282127
University of Michigan-Flint182417241725
Wayne State University192619261826
Western Michigan University192519251825
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