ACT Score Tables—Compare Admissions Data for Different Colleges

Table of ACT Scores
Table of ACT Scores. Allen Grove

Each of the articles below presents a comparison table of ACT admissions data for different colleges and universities. The tables present the middle 50 percent range of scores for matriculated students, so you'll be able to see if your scores are on target for admission.

If you're researching a specific school, find it in the A to Z list of college profiles, or you can create a free account at Cappex to calculate your chances of getting in.

Top College and University ACT Tables:

What university should be your reach school? See how the country's most prestigious and selective colleges and universities compare on the ACT score front. You can also look at SAT comparison tables.

ACT Score Information by State

Admissions criteria vary widely from campus to campus within state university systems. These tables can help you find schools that match your ACT scores.

New England: This region is home to some of the oldest and most esteemed colleges in the U.S. You'll be able to enjoy a long academic tradition at many of them.

    East and Mid-Atlantic: Home to many large universities, you have a wide selection in this area of the U.S. See where your ACT score will be best accepted.

    Southeast: This large region has long-established public and private colleges where you can steep yourself in their traditions and thrill to college sports.

    Great Lakes: Great sports traditions come from this section of the country and you may identify with your college team for life. See how your ACT ranks.

    Plains: You'll have to bundle up for the winter in this area of the country, all the better for studying. See how your ACT score will affect your application at these colleges.

    Southwest: The sun belt offers a variety academic experiences. Match your ACT with schools in your target area.

    Rocky Mountain: You might choose a college here for something other than enjoying winter sports, but it certainly is a perk. See which ones are more or less selective.

    Far West: From the beaches to the mountains, outdoor enthusiasts often look at colleges in the West. See which ones best match your test scores in your chosen area.

    Division I Athletic Conferences

    For students interested in the excitement of Division I sports, these tables make some of the admissions distinctions between universities clear.

    While you may root for a particular college team, you'll have to bring the right test scores to be admitted.

    More ACT Information

    Do you really know enough about the ACT and how the scores may be used? Study up on the value of this test and how it can affect your acceptance at the school of your choice.

    A Final Word

    As you see how you measure up to admitted students to different colleges, keep in mind that the ACT is just one piece of an application. If your scores are a little below the 25 percentile number, you can make up for that weakness if you have strong grades in challenging classes. For schools that have holistic admissions, you can also improve your chances with impressive extracurricular activities, glowing letters of recommendation, and a winning application essay.

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