ACT Scores for Admission to State Universities in Virginia

A Side-by-Side Comparison of College Admissions Data

The University of Mary Washington
The University of Mary Washington. Photo Credit: Allen Grove

If you're wondering if you have the ACT scores you'll need to get into one of the four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia, here's a side-by-side comparison of scores for the middle 50 percent of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for admission to one of these public universities in the state of Virginia.

As you can see, there is quite a variance.

For some schools, what would rank above the 75th percentile is below their 25th percentile. What is an excellent ACT for admission to most Virginia state universities is below the 25th percentile for William and Mary, for example, where they are highly selective. This data was drawn from applicants from the Fall, 2015 applications data. The scores do not change from year to year by more than one or two points.

Virginia ACT Scores (mid 50%)
(Learn what these numbers mean)
Christopher Newport2328----
George Mason242923292327
James Madison2227----
Mary Washington222721282126
Norfolk State1620----
Old Dominion182516241724
UVA at Wise182316221723
Virginia Commonwealth212721282026
Virginia Military Institute232822282327
Virginia State151913201518
Virginia Tech------
William and Mary283328342732
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How Does Your ACT Score Weigh for Admissions?

Realize, of course, that ACT scores are just one part of the application. The admissions officers in Virginia will also want to see a strong academic record, a winning essay, meaningful extracurricular activities and good letters of recommendation. School are looking for students who are active in their communities and have a variety of interests in addition to scoring well on tests.

Some of these schools are test optional and you are not required to submit your test scores in most cases. Check the school's requirements as sometimes they are required for home-schooled students.

What Do the Percentiles Mean?

The middle half of students accepted by a college are between the 25th and the 75th percentile. If that is where your scores fall, you are in the average mix of students who applied to that school and were accepted. Here is how to look at those numbers.

The 25th percentile means that your score is better than the bottom quarter of those who were accepted to that university. It also means that three-quarters of those accepted scored better than that number. Being below the 25th percentile, your test score won't weight favorably for your application, but if you are strong in other areas you may overcome that.

The 75th percentile means that your score was above three-quarters of the others who were accepted at that school. Only one-quarter of those accepted scored better than you for that element. A score at the 75th percentile or better is likely to weigh favorably for your admission.

ACT Comparisons

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Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics