ACT Standby Testing Dates and Information

ACT Standby Testing Dates and Information

Top 10 ACT Registration FAQs

Well, you missed the ACT registration deadlines – yes, even the late registration deadline. Now what? You still want to take the ACT exam on the upcoming test date. You've prepared for the exam; you just didn't register in time. Is there any hope? The answer is, "Yes!" You can register for ACT Standby testing as long as understand that you still have to pre-register for the exam and a number of other conditions apply.

ACT Standby Conditions

  • You have to submit a Standby request online and complete the ACT registration, which includes uploading your photo, paying the Standby fee along with the regular registration fee, and inputting all of your personal information before you arrive.
  • You must register for Standby testing in the appropriate window of time. Standby testing for the ACT cannot be done on a walk-in basis like some other tests. You MUST register in the appropriate time frame, which typically ends a few days before your testing date. See the chart below for current Standby dates.
  • You must bring your printed Standby ticket with you along with your acceptable photo ID in order to test.
  • Despite all that, you still may not get to test. Standby seats are given on a first-come, first serve basis, so even if you have everything you need, you may still be turned away if other standby testers have arrived earlier than you have or if the testing center no longer has any room.
  • If you are turned away, you will not be able test on another test date with that same ticket. You'll need to transfer your registration to a new test date and print a new ticket.
  • If you are turned away, your standby testing fee will be refunded to your account.

How to Register for ACT Standby Testing

Go to the ACT website, which is

Log in to your account if you have already created an account. If not, follow the procedures for creating an account first, and log in. Be sure your name matches your ID exactly, or you could be in for a big surprise on test day – you won't be able to test!

Once you're logged in, click on the button that says, "Create Standby Request" on the top of the page. Work your way through the pages which should be auto-filled from your account. If they're not, take the time to fill them in, or make any adjustments to your account like updating colleges to which you'd like your scores sent or adding classes or grades you failed to input the first time around. Once you get to the last page, pay the Standby fee and print your admission ticket.

ACT Standby Testing Dates

ACT Test DateACT Standby Time Frame
February 9, 2013January 19 – February 4
April 13, 2013March 23 – April 8
June 8, 2013May 18 – June 3
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