Action Idioms Quiz for English Learners

Idioms using action verbs in English

Catching a Baseball
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1. Tom is really trying hard to _____ his smoking habit.
2. The stock market crashed so I guess I can _____ my profit goodbye.
3. When you get to Japan, make sure to _____ me a line and let me know how you are doing.
4. Jack was _____ the wall with impatience.
5. I wish the boss would _____ off on his demands.
6. Peter's father _____ his lid when he heard about his poor grades.
7. Have you seen Mary's new computer? She must have _____ a bundle!
8. The next time Jim offends you, just _____ him down and he will probably leave you in peace.
9. Don't complain about your boss! You should never _____ the hand that feeds you.
10. I'm so depressed. I think that I've truly _____ bottom this time.
11. It's time to _____ the bullet and start studying for the exam.
12. If you want him to buy you a new car, why don't you _____ a hint?
13. He _____ over backwards to help Bob find a new job.
14. Luckily, Jane _____ up for me when the teacher accused me of cheating.
15. I'm afraid I can't make it today. Can I _____ you a rain check?
16. If we go shopping on our way home from the lecture, we can _____ two birds with one stone.
17. I _____ the roof when my son told me he was going to get married at the age of 17!
18. I tried to _____ abreast of the situation in my home town.
19. Bye! I've got to _____ the books because I have a test tomorrow.
20. I was just _____ the numbers and I'm afraid we don't have enough money.
Action Idioms Quiz for English Learners
You got: % Correct. You Know Your Action Idioms!
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Great work! You obviously know a wide range of idioms and expressions in English. I'd suggest you study these short stories that include idioms and expressions in context to continue learning more idioms. 

Action Idioms Quiz for English Learners
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Good job on this quiz. It's difficult! You know a number of these expressions, but hopefully have learned a few more by taking this quiz. Keep studying idiomatic English to improve your English skills further. 

Action Idioms Quiz for English Learners
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Don't be upset that you didn't do so well. Idioms are difficult! Review the definitions and explanations to learn these idioms and keep studying with these idiom resources on the site to further improve.