How to Add Gadgets to Blogger

Customize and enhance your blog with free widgets

Blogger supports all sorts of widgets and gadgets for your blog, and you don't need to be a programming guru to add them.

To learn more about adding widgets to a Blogger blog, we'll look at how to use the Blog List (blogroll) widget to show your visitors a list of websites you recommend or like to read.

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Open the Layout Menu in Blogger

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Blogger gives access to widgets through the same area where you edit the layout of your blog.

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  2. Choose the blog you want to edit.
  3. Open the Layout tab from the left side of the page.
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Decide Where to Place the Gadget

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The Layout tab shows all the elements that make up your blog, including the main "Blog Posts" area and the header section and menus, sidebars, etc.

Decide where you want the gadget to be (you can always move it later), and click the Add a Gadget link in that area.

A new window will open that lists all the gadgets you can add to Blogger.

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Select Your Gadget

Blogger Gadgets

Use this pop-up window to choose a gadget to use with Blogger.

Google offers a large selection of gadgets written by both Google and other developers. Use the menus on the left to find all the gadgets Blogger has.

Some of the gadgets include Popular Posts, Blog's stats, AdSense, Page Header, Followers, Blog Search, Image, Poll, and Translate gadget.

If you don't find what you need, select HTML/JavaScript and paste your code. This approach is a great way to add widgets created by others or customize things like a menu.

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Configure Your Gadget

Blogger gadgets
  1. If your gadget needs any configuration or editing, you'll be prompted to do that now. The Blog List gadget, for example, requires a list of blog URLs.
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Preview and Save

Google Blogger

You'll now see the Layout page again, but this time with the new gadget positioned wherever you initially chose in Step 2.

If you want, use the dotted grey side of the gadget to reposition it anywhere you like by dragging and dropping it wherever Blogger lets you put gadgets.

The same is true for any other element on your page; drag them wherever you like.

To see what your blog will look like with any configuration you choose, use the ​Preview button at the top of the Layout page to open your blog in a new tab and see what it would look like with that particular layout.

If you don't like anything, you can make more changes on the Layout tab before saving it. If there's a gadget you no longer want, use the Edit button next to it to open its settings, and then press Remove.

When you're ready, use the Save arrangement button to submit the changes so that those layout settings and new widgets will go live.

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