Add a Graphic Watermark in Paint.NET

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Add a Graphic Watermark in Paint.NET

Paint.NET can give you the ability to add a graphic watermark to your images. Using a logo to form a watermark can help to protect the copyright of your intellectual property and reinforce your brand.

Watermarks aren't a foolproof way to protect your images and prevent people misusing your work, but they can discourage casual users without the technical ability to remove the watermark from using your photos without permission.

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Add a Graphic to Your Image

To add a graphic to an image in Paint.NET, you need to open the graphic and copy and paste it into your original image.

With your main image open, go to File > Open and navigate to the graphic before clicking Open. Now, with the Move Selected Pixels tool selected, click on the newly opened graphic and go to Edit > Copy. You can now close the graphic and in the main image, go to Edit > Paste in to New Layer.

Note: For the best results, use a GIF or PNG graphic with a transparent background.

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Reduce the Opacity of the Graphic

You can reduce the opacity of the graphic so that it is still legible, but allows the image to be viewed relatively clearly.

Double click on the new layer in the Layers palette to open the Layer Properties dialog – go to Window > Layers if the Layers palette isn't visible. You can now slide the Opacity slider to the left to make the graphic semi-transparent. If the graphic is too dark or too light for the photo that it has been pasted into, the next simple step can help to adjust the tone of the graphic.

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Change the Tone of the Graphic

If you need to make the graphic that you're using as a watermark lighter or darker, you can use the Hue / Saturation feature.

Go to Adjustments > Hue / Saturation to open the adjustment dialog. You can slide the Lightness slider to the left to make the graphic darker and to the right to lighten it. If you've selected a colored graphic you can also change the color of the graphic by sliding the Hue slider at the top of the dialog.

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