Adding a Calculator to Your MS Word Documents

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Have you ever needed to do calculations while working on a Word document but didnt want to hassle yourself with opening the calculator program on your computer, or find a real calculator? Today, I will teach you how to install a great tool that allows you to have a built in calculator in Word.

The Solution

Sure, you could just open the calculator application while you’re also using Microsoft Word, or you could insert a pop-up calculator right into your document!

A third-party Word add-in enables you to insert the pop-up calculator so you can do arithmetic right there in your document. It will even insert the answer into your document automatically. This is an especially useful add-in for teachers who want to make answer keys for arithmetic worksheets.

How to Install the Calculator

To install the pop-up calculator add-in, go to the Pop-up Calculator for Word homepage and then extract the .zip file. Double-click on the file named "Instl_WordCalculator.exe" to bring up the dialog box and hit “Continue.” A second dialog box will show up; hit “Install.”

In order for the pop-up calculator to install, you need to start Microsoft Word with administrative privileges. A dialog box asks your permission to do this, so hit “OK.” If the User Account Settings permission box appears, hit “Yes.”

Yet another dialog box will appear, this one for “Installation as COM Add-in.” Choose “Exclusive” for the “Install File in the Folder” option.

If you want, checkmark the box “For all users of this Windows, inclusive the ones without level of administrator.” Then hit “Continue.”

Read through the Use License Agreement box and hit “OK.”  The installation will finish and a pop-up box will remind you that you can enable the pop-up calculator by right-clicking while in Microsoft Word.

Hit “OK” and restart your computer.

Open the Calculator

Once the computer has restarted, open the files that contain the numbers or equations you want to calculate. Right-click and choose “Calculator” from the menu. Then the “Multiple Capture” box will display and show you the numbers captured as well as the total captured from the math problems. Hit “OK” to access the calculator, of “Cancel” if you don’t want to use it.

Note: You can click and drag the pop-up calculator to wherever you want it in the Word doc.

When you want to insert the equation’s answer into your Word document, place your cursor where you want it to appear, click, and hit “OK.” This will insert the answer and close the pop-up calculator. (You can also press the down arrow button or the “Tab” key.)

You can also copy the answer and put it on Windows clipboard. Just press “Shift” while you hit “OK” (or press the down arrow button or “Tab” key.)

You can also use the number pad on your computer’s keyboard to perform the calculations. The process is the same as mentioned above, but this time you just use the number pad before clicking “OK,” pressing the down arrow button, or hitting the “Tab” key.

A Few More Odds and Ends

A paper ribbon allows you to see your calculation history in the pop-up calculator.

Just hit “Paper,” written in red text. Viewing this history can be very useful if you tend to perform the same types of calculations often.

If you feel like the calculator is too small or too big, there is a solution for that as well.  You can easily customize the size of your calculator by clicking and dragging a corner of it in any direction.

Finally, it is not advisable to use the Exit command on your calculator because it usually ends up locking the calculator. If you have a locked calculator, close out of Word to close all the calculators. While this may seem like an inconvenience, it is actually not so bad since it is an easy feature to get used to.

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