Watermarks -- Adding Watermarks to Your Word Document

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A watermark can be a valuable addition to your Word document -- whether you want to enhance the appearance of the document by adding a seal or image or whether you want to add a text watermark that identifies the document contents as a draft or confidential information, the watermark feature in Word is a definite asset for intermediate to advanced users of Word.

Part One: Adding a Text Watermark

To add a watermark to your document, you must display your document in either Print Layout or Normal View.

1. From the Format menu, select Background and then Printed Watermark

2. In the Printed Watermark dialog box, click the radio button beside Text Watermark

3. In the Text drop-down box, select the text you would like to use for the watermark

4. You can use the FontSize, and Color drop-down boxes to specify font formatting for the watermark text

5. Make sure the box next to Semitransparent is checked so that the watermark text doesn't interfere with the document text

6. You can change the orientation of the text by selecting either Diagonal orHorizontal beside the Layout label

7. Once you have selected your watermark text and applied the formatting options, clickOK

The watermark will be applied to your document; you should be able to see it on the screen and when you print the document.


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