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Adele's "Rolling In the Deep," the first single from her second album 21, wastes no time in presenting the stunning bluesy authority of her voice. Less than five seconds in she begins proclaiming the rise of emotion that results in fantasies of revenge against a lover who has done her wrong. Hers is a voice that can raise chills up the spine, and, when she is in a mood like this, the sense of foreboding will rivet your attention.

Once you hear "Rolling In the Deep," you will be counting the days before the full album can be heard.



  • Adele's powerful bluesy vocals
  • Powerful set of lyrics
  • Impending feeling of doom in the production


  • No negatives


  • Written by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth
  • Produced by Paul Epworth
  • Released by Columbia November 2010

Guide Review - Adele - "Rolling In the Deep"


Adele took home the Best New Artist Grammy Award back in early 2009, and, if "Rolling In the Deep" is any indication, it was a well deserved honor. She is still quite young at 22, but Adele sings with the authority and sense of life experience of a 40 year old. When she wails, "We could have had it all...rolling in the deep," you feel every ounce of pain and loss with her. However, it is not a pain that has left her frail or defenseless. In fact, the entire song sounds as if she is gathering strength to do something about the pain, and the palpable feel of impending doom becomes chilling by the song's end.

The lyrics are quite powerful and devastating. The words paint a picture that will make you feel like staring self-consciously.

Co-songwriter and producer Paul Epworth, who has worked recently with the likes of Cee Lo Green and Florence and the Machine, provides a perfect backdrop for Adele's vocals on "Rolling In the Deep." Martial beats, pounding piano chords, and chanting backing singers all seem to just gradually ratchet forward and follow the emotion in the lead line.

A broken down handclapping bridge is positively spooky. Adele and Paul Epworth collaborate on two additional songs on 21. They are a team worth watching.

Adele had some difficulty reaching commercial success in the US with her first album 19. Ultimately, following well placed TV appearances, and two Grammy Award wins, 19 did climb into the top 10 and "Chasing Pavements" became a minor hit on the pop singles chart. "Rolling In the Deep" is not a song that US pop fans can afford to miss. Adele is a major talent who is pushing forward into exciting new territory. Don't miss this single, and let your emotions ride with it. It is a journey worth taking.

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