Ways to Honor Your Secretary or Assistant This Administrative Professionals Day

Show Your Appreciation on Secretaries Day or Admins Day

Since administrative professionals do a lot of heavy lifting for office teams, here are some creative ways to show these team members your appreciations this year.

Administrative Professionals Day comes every year in April, during the last Wednesday of the month. It means that this year, the holiday falls on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. 

This is a holiday for honoring a range of administrative team members, so if you are wondering whether someone ought to be recognized, maybe just go ahead and do it! Administrative work is challenging and requires a wide range of skills that help your projects go smoothly.

Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas
Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas. (c) Getty Images / Vetta Clerkenwell

Many of us receive cards from relatives and friends in our lives, but it can be fun to get something customized from our bosses or co-workers as well.

You can find plenty of free templates for printable cards right within Microsoft Office programs.

I suggest looking in Word or Publisher first, but you may also consider putting together a PowerPoint presentation using a photo album template. This can be a fun way to send something digitally.

Open the Microsoft Office program, then select File - New. You should see a search box you can use to look for pre-made templates and printables by keyword. Or, click the link above to find a variety of template recommendations. More »

Sometimes the best gift is the one that makes your faithful Administrative Professional's tasks more streamlined. After all, if you are happy with his or her work, it is likely this team member cares a lot about getting work done efficiently and effectively.

For example, many admins use programs like Microsoft Office throughout the day. Is it time for a version upgrade?

Having updated tools can boost productivity, and it's also typically a better work experience. Effectiveness always makes the day more fun, so consider ways to ensure your team members' tools are up to date.

This link will connect you with resources for keeping productivity tools current. More »

Office gifts and tech gadgets can be fun gag gifts or functional tools that make desk work more fun.

For example, you might want to send something decorative but silly for the administrator's desktop or workspace. 

Here are some ideas of these kinds of gifts and novelties for every budget.

Note that his is a list for holiday gifts, but the gifts are office-oriented and not holiday-themed themselves.   More »

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Choose a Great Gift Basket

If you would rather send something tangible, consider a gift basket.

These can be really nice gifts because they offer variety and customization.

Also, these types of gifts tend to be noticeable additions to your team member's desk, which can inspire others in the office to recognize the individual as well. 

Here is a wonderful list of options you can scroll through to make shopping for one that much easier. You will find pictures and links to the various sites as well as descriptions or specifics to help you make the right choice.

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Consider Digital Gift Cards and Online Gift Certificates

Sometimes it makes sense to let people choose their own gift!

Here is a list of online or digital gift cards to help you select one that still feels hand-picked while giving the recipient some freedom to make their own decision.

That way, you can be assured they will end up with something they love! 

Has your administrative team been asking for additional training in a specific program or tool? Depending on the situation and the individuals involved, this can be a nice way to say thank you--by giving them the day away from the office, while adding more skills to your team. It's a win-win! More »

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Offer Some Time Off

Finally, the best gift is sometimes a little time to recharge!

Lifestylers may actually prefer this to other types of gifts, so it's worth considering.

If this is in your power, your team member may love the opportunity to have some extra time for themselves. It can be a great way to reward someone for another year of hard work.

Happy gift giving!

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