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What Happened to Adobe Photoshop Album?

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition
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Adobe Photoshop Album:

Photoshop Album was a product from Adobe Systems, Inc. for home digital camera users and amateur photographers on the Windows platform. A Macintosh version was never released. Originally, Photoshop Album was available in two versions -- a "Starter Edition" which was a free download from, and a more robust retail version.

With Adobe's release of Photoshop Elements 3.0 in 2004, all features of the retail version of Photoshop Album (version 2.0 at the time) were merged into the Organizer component of the Photoshop Elements 3 product, and Photoshop Elements became the upgrade path for users of the retail version of Photoshop Album.

For several years, Photoshop Album Starter Edition remained a free download, offering basic photo organizing and editing tools, and acting as a preview teaser for the Photoshop Elements product, which combines Photoshop Elements Organizer and Photoshop Elements Editor as a fully integrated digital photo solution intended for non-professional digital photographers. The latest version of the free product was Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2 and is no longer available for download.

In July of 2009, Photoshop Album Starter Edition was officially discontinued by Adobe, and unlock codes for the program stopped working.

Note for former users of Photoshop Album Starter Edition:

Understand that your pictures are not IN Photoshop Album, nor are they being held hostage by Photoshop Album Starter Edition. Photoshop Album only creates a catalog (database) of the digital image files on your computer.

Your pictures can still be accessed through Windows Explorer or through another photo management program. They can most likely be found in a folder under your system default Pictures folder.

There are many better alternatives to Photoshop Album Starter Edition available today. For free alternatives, I suggest Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

If you need to preserve your tags and catalog data, your best bet is upgrading to Photoshop Elements. If you only need to preserve your keyword tags and captions, you can convert your Photoshop Album catalog with the trial version of Photoshop Elements, then run the write tags to files command to preserve the tags within your picture files. You can also migrate your photos to and manage them using the free online Photoshop Express service.

Adobe also offers frequently asked questions about Album Starter Edition, including instructions for migrating your photos to
Adobe Photoshop Album support FAQ

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