Advanced Prepositional Phrase Quiz

Learn some of the most common advanced prepositional phrases with this quiz

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1. You can trust John to have everything _____.
2. Those customers are ____ the most demanding we've ever had.
3. Unfortunately, I might have to leave for Boston _____.
4. _____, you're just going to have to try and get along with your new boss.
5. It'll cost $500 _____.
6. I think we'll go to the mountains this year _____.
7. They learned all their lines for the play _____.
8. They should arrive by six o'clock _____.
9. You've arrived _____!
10. Things are going badly and then,_____ , good things start happening and you're on your way to better times.
11. Our teacher knows all the students ____ even though there are more than 40 of us.
12. ____, he finally decided to go ahead with the new marketing project.
13. It seems that our investment is _____ , so I'll need to fly to our headquarters to discuss the situation.
14. You should have waited ____ a half an hour.
15. Janet assured them that she would have finished the report ____.
16. All I can say is that, _____ , you're going to have to spend more time practicing your listing comprehension skills.
17. I'm afraid I was _____ that you enjoyed working here. I must have been mistaken.
18. ____, did you know that Mark and Susan are getting married next week?
19. I met John at the market this afternoon ____ .
20. He's going to stay in Memphis and look for a job _____.
Advanced Prepositional Phrase Quiz
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 Congratulations! It's clear you know a wide range of common prepositional phrases in English. Keep up the good work and continue learning English. 

Advanced Prepositional Phrase Quiz
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You know some of the most common prepositional phrases, but you'll need to learn some more. Keep it up and you'll get to know them all. 

Advanced Prepositional Phrase Quiz
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Prepositional phrases are set phrases that you'll need to learn by heart (prepositional phrase: by heart!). Keep it up and you'll learn them with time. Perhaps you can try some of these easier preposition quizzes to build your confidence.