Affordable Gift Ideas for Adult Students

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Do you need affordable gift ideas for the adult student on your list? Whether the economy is good or bad, it's nice to have some affordable gift ideas for the people you know who are balancing life and school.

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Book Bag

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Does the adult student in your life have a book bag that's big enough, light enough, and not embarrassing? There are lots and lots of designs to choose from. Some are even eco-friendly. If your student is a fashion horse, maybe a nice, large leather tote with shoulder straps would be a hit. If they're the practical type, a backpack might be more appropriate.

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Reading Glasses

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The older we get, the more many of us need a little help seeing the words on the page. Reading glasses are simply magnifiers that come in different strengths. Find out if your reader needs +1, +1.5, etc., and then go shopping. Glasses come in some very fun colors and styles, and some are even small enough to fit into a pen-like case. Perfect for a book bag.

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Datebook or Student Planner

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A datebook or student planner is one of the most important things you'll find in a successful student's book bag. It's a must for keeping track of assignments, due dates, and exams. The address section is also a good place to jot down new networking contacts. Datebooks come in all sizes and formats. If you're not sure which one your adult student would like best, consider a gift certificate.​

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Pens and Highlighters

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When you need something small, consider a collection of pens and highlighters. Snoop around a little to find out if your student likes blue ink or black. What's his or her favorite color for highlighting? There are some pretty fun products available out there. Give the gift of creativity.

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How many times have you seen a torn scrap of paper marking a chapter in a textbook? Help your student do better than that. Every bookstore has a rack or eight of bookmarks. Select the images you know will mean something to your adult student. Make your gift fun, inspirational, or both.

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If your student loves a good cup of coffee, give them the gift of caffeine for those late-night study sessions before the big exam. Gift packs come with mugs and a selection of coffees. Some even include teas and chocolates. What's not to love about a gift like that?

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Book Light

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If your favorite student doesn't have a Kindle, Nook, or one of the many similar products out there, a book light might be perfect if he or she reads in bed when all the rest of the lights in the house are out. Your student will love using this light not only on textbooks but on those hard-to-put-down novels as well.

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Alarm Clock

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Everyone has a favorite way to wake up. There are those who prefer alarm clocks that slowly turn a light on, like the sun is coming up. Find out how your adult student likes to wake up, and buy them a reliable alarm clock that will get them to school or work on time after a long night of studying.

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