Affordable MCAT Prep For The Not-So-Rich

Affordable MCAT prep options
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Not everyone is born with a silver spoon hanging out of his or her mouth. For those of us with less than a million bucks in our bank accounts, MCAT prep can seem really, really pricey. In fact, some MCAT prep courses and tutoring packages are $9,000 and higher, which is a price that can be virtually unattainable for the average Jane or Joe. But, that doesn't mean that you can't get quality MCAT prep at a lower rate. Affordable, quality MCAT prep exists; you just have to know where to look. Check out the MCAT prep options below that promise not to break the bank. In this age of online practice and multitudes of test prep companies, you should not have to decide between paying your rent and paying for quality test prep for this exclusive test.

Dr. Flowers MCAT Prep

Dr. James Flowers, a Harvard-educated medical doctor, created this test prep company after writing his own test prep manual in the '70s. Since then, he's co-authored many MCAT test prep books with The Princeton Review and has helped thousands get the scores they want on the MCAT. The Dr. Flowers MCAT prep company offers comprehensive, 12-week courses online starting at just $589. Compared to the bigger test prep companies, this is a steal of a deal, especially because the test prep comes with an extraordinary guarantee, too: score higher than a 508 on the MCAT after completing one of the 16-week courses or you get DOUBLE your money back. Since a 508 is above the national average by 8 points, this could be a tough promise to keep if the program did not work.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is well-known for partnering with the makers of standardized tests to provide free test prep for anyone who wants it. Their mission is for all people should have access to all test prep, so the playing field is equalized monetarily. For the time being, they're on track with their goal. The MCAT prep offered through Khan Academy isn't just affordable; it's free. They offer videos and practice questions on all four MCAT test sections and the Foundational Concepts of the science sections, so you can get some practice and explanations prior to test day. Although this test prep isn't completely comprehensive, it's an amazing, free resource for those who may think all online options are too pricey.

Princeton Review

Although some of the MCAT courses through the Princeton Review are crazy expensive –the Immersion class was, at press time, more than $9,000 – they do have some very affordable options, too, for people who would rather feed a family of five for half the year than buy a test prep course. The Princeton Review MCAT book set is only around $125 and comes with three full MCAT practice tests. The bundle is very highly reviewed on, and it should be. The Princeton Review continuously puts out test prep materials of the highest quality, even if the versions vary little from year to year. If you don't want to purchase the books because you have another prep option, they also offer a single free MCAT practice test online even without the purchase of a test prep book.


At press time, BenchPrep offered 1,441 MCAT practice questions, 20 quizzes, 692 lessons, and 953 flashcards for free for seven days. After your trial period ends, you get charged $25 per month for access to this content. And the content on here is really good, too. The interface is engaging, the games are unique, and the program is adaptive. As you progress through the study program, the more you excel in one area, the more that section will phase out. Likewise, your weaker areas will get more focused study. Reviewers give BenchPrep's MCAT program five stars across the board for being user-friendly and thorough. 


Appropriately enough, you can find affordable MCAT prep through the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), itself. The MCAT prep bundle includes books, flashcards, and access to the AAMC online test prep portion (e-MCAT) for $196 at press time. In addition, you can take a free, comprehensive MCAT practice test without buying anything at all through the site. Want an even better bonus? At the beginning of the MCAT practice tests, you can complete a tutorial that shows you the ins and outs of taking the MCAT test. It's great to get a little something for nothing at all. 

NextStep Test Prep

If you're looking for affordable MCAT practice tests only - you've already purchased the test prep books, signed up for MCAT courses, or downloaded the apps - then NextStep test prep has some great MCAT practice options at pretty fabulous prices. At press time, you could purchase a six-month access pass to ten MCAT practice tests with explanations and free 1/2 test diagnostic for just $249. That's an incredible deal if you're looking for quality MCAT tests! If you're not interested in so many practice tests, then they also offer four and six test bundles for $99 and $149 respectively. Considering the quality of the practice tests, this price is right on the money. 

All of the MCAT Basics 

Interested in finding out more about the MCAT test in general like the test sections, scoring details, registration requirements and concepts tested? Great! You have come to the right place, my friend. Here are some articles to get you started in your quest for all things related to the MCAT. 

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