African American Inventors

Alcorn Patent #4,172,004.

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There have been many famous African American Inventors who have altered history due to their advancements to fields such as education, science, agriculture, and communication. There are over twenty African American inventors listed below including the unique patent number(s) assigned to their inventions.

William B Abrams

  • #450,550, 4/14/1891
  • Abrams developed the Hame Attachments Part for a draft horses' collar. This is a curved hinge worn on any side of the mouth of a horse or other working animal, such as a cow or pig, that holds the mouth bit to better help the animal in the field. 

Elijah Abron

  • #7,037,564, 5/2/2006
  • Abron created substrate sheets with a removable strip that helped to bind papers together.

Christopher P. Adams

  • #5,641,658, 6/24/1997
  • Adams put together a method for performing amplification of nucleic acid with two primers bound to a single solid support. This is useful in several ways, for example, for hybridization assays.

James S Adams

  • #1,356,329, 10/19/1920
  • Adams allowed for airplane propelling means. This created the opportunity for blades to rotate parallel to airflow, in order to lessen a possible drag, if an engine failure were to occur.

George Edward Alcorn

  • #4,172,004, 10/23/1979
    Alcorn developed a method for forming dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias.
  • #4,201,800, 5/6/1980
    Alcorn also created a hardened photoresist master image mask process.
  • #4,289,834, 9/15/1981
    Alcorn is responsible for developing a dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias.
  • #4,472,728, 9/18/1984
    In this patent, Alcorn created an imaging X-ray spectrometer.
  • #4,543,442, 9/24/1985
    Alcorn developed the GaAs Schottky barrier photo-responsive device and method of fabrication.
  • #4,618,380, 10/21/1986
    Another patent by Alcorn included the method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer.

Nathaniel Alexander

  • #997,108, 7/4/1911
  • Nathaniel Alexander created the first folding chair for use in churches, school, and group gatherings.

Ralph W Alexander

  • #256,610, 4/18/1882
  • This method of planting allowed each hill of two, three or four seeds to be the same distance. This cultivated rows in various directions and also kept a field weedless.

Winser Edward Alexander

  • #3,541,333, 11/17/1970
  • Alexander developed a system for enhancing fine detail in thermal photographs; his research furthered expertise in the area of digital signal processing.

Charles William Allen

  • #613,436, 11/1/1898
  • Allen created the self-leveling table. This allows for table stabilization and prevents wobbling.

Floyd Allen

  • #3,919,642, 11/11/1975
  • Allen provided a low-cost telemeter for monitoring a battery and DC voltage converter power supply.

James B. Allen

  • #551,105, 12/10/1895
  • Allen developed a clothes-line support. Modern-Day clothesline support is often adjustable and keeps lines secure to prevent sagging and dipping.

James Matthew Allen

  • #2,085,624, 6/29/1937
  • Allen put together a remote control apparatus designed for radio receiving sets.

John H Allen

  • #4,303,938, 12/1/1981
  • Allen created a pattern generator for simulating image generation.

John S Allen

  • #1,093,096, 4/14/1914
  • Allen developed a package-tie to strap and secure packages.

Robert T Allen

  • #3,071,243, 1/1/1963
  • Allen is responsible for the vertical coin counting tube patent.

Tanya R Allen

  • #5,325,543, 7/5/1994
  • Allen developed the undergarment with a pocket for releasably securing an absorbent pad.

Virgie M. Ammons

  • #3,908,633, 9/30/1975
  • Ammons invented the fireplace damper actuating tool.

Alexander P Ashbourne

  • #163,962, 6/1/1875
    Ashbourne put together a process for preparing coconut.
  • #170,460, 11/30/1875
    Ashbourne also developed a biscuit cutter.
  • #194,287, 8/21/1877
    Along with preparation, Ashbourne developed a process of treating coconut.
  • #230,518, 7/27/1880
    Ashbourne is responsible for the refining coconut oil patent.

Moses T. Asom

  • #5,386,126, 1/31/1995
  • Asom developed semiconductor devices based on optical transitions between quasibound energy levels.

Marc Auguste

  • #7,083,512, 8/1/2006
    Auguste invented a coin and token organizing, holding and dispensing apparatus.
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