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George Edward Alcorn.

Black history inventors are listed alphabetically: use the A to Z index bar to navigate and select or just browse the many listings. Each listing has the name of the black inventor followed by the patent number(s) which is the unique number assigned to an invention when a patent is issued, the date the patent was issued, and a description of the invention as written by the inventor. If available, links are provided to in-depth articles, biographies, illustrations and photos on each individual inventor or patent.

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William B Abrams

  • #450,550, 4/14/1891, Hame Attachments Part for a draft horses' collar.

Elijah Abron

  • #7,037,564, 5/2/2006, Substrate sheets with removable strip

Christopher P. Adams

  • #5,641,658, 6/24/1997, Method for performing amplification of nucleic acid with two primers bound to a single solid support

James S Adams

  • #1,356,329, 10/19/1920, Propelling means for airplanes.

George Edward Alcorn

  • #4,172,004, 10/23/1979, Method for forming dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias
  • #4,201,800, 5/6/1980, Hardened photoresist master image mask process
  • #4,289,834, 9/15/1981, Dense dry etched multi-level metallurgy with non-overlapped vias
  • #4,472,728, 9/18/1984, Imaging X-ray spectrometer
  • #4,543,442, 9/24/1985, GaAs Schottky barrier photo-responsive device and method of fabrication
  • #4,618,380, 10/21/1986, Method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer

    Nathaniel Alexander

    Ralph W Alexander

    • #256,610, 4/18/1882, Corn planter check rower

    Winser Edward Alexander

    • #3,541,333, 11/17/1970, System for enhancing fine detail in thermal photographs

    Charles William Allen

    • #613,436, 11/1/1898, Self-Leveling Table

    Floyd Allen

    • #3,919,642, 11/11/1975, Low cost telemeter for monitoring a battery and DC voltage converter power supply

      James B. Allen

      • #551,105, 12/10/1895, Clothes Line Support

      James Metthew Allen

      • #2,085,624, 6/29/1937, Remote control apparatus

      John H Allen

      • #4,303,938, 12/1/1981, Pattern generator for simulating image generation

      John S Allen

      Robert T Allen

      • #3,071,243, 1/1/1963, Vertical coin counting tube

      Tanya R Allen

      • #5,325,543, 7/5/1994, Undergarment with a pocket for releasably securing an absorbent pad

      Virgie M. Ammons

      • #3,908,633, 9/30/1975, Fireplace Damper Actuating Tool

      Alexander P Ashbourne

      • #163,962, 6/1/1875, Process for Preparing Coconut
      • #170,460, 11/30/1875, Biscuit Cutter
      • #194,287, 8/21/1877, Process of Treating Coconut
      • #230,518, 7/27/1880, Refining Coconut Oil

      Moses T. Asom

      • #5,386,126, 1/31/1995, Semiconductor devices based on optical transitions between quasibound energy levels

      Marc Auguste

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