Ah bon

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Ah bon ?
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Expression: Ah bon ?

Pronunciation: [a bo(n)]

Meaning: Really?, Is that so?, I see

Literal translation: oh good

Register: normal

Notes: The very common French expression ah bon is really more of an interjection and can be translated a dozen different ways; in general, it is used to acknowledge something that another person just said or to ask for confirmation.

Don't be fooled by bon - it doesn't mean "good" here, so ah bon can be used when talking about both good and bad things.


   -J'ai vu un film intéressant hier. -Ah bon ?
   -I saw an interesting movie yesterday. -You did? Oh, yeah?

   -Nous avons déménagé après le décès de mon père. -Ah bon.
   -We moved after my father died. -I see.

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