Airport Vocabulary List in Mandarin

Shanghai airport international departures board

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Explore Mandarin Chinese vocabulary related to the airport in this article, which also includes audio clips and the Chinese characters for all the vocabulary words.

Airline Representative

English: Airline representative
Pinyin: dì qín rén yún
Traditional: 地勤人員
Simplified: 地勤人员
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Airline Terminal

English: Airline terminal
Pinyin: háng zhàn
Traditional: 航站
Simplified: 航站
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English: Airplane
Pinyin: fēi jī
Traditional: 飛機
Simplified: 飞机
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Arrival and Departure Monitors

English: Arrival and departure monitors
Pinyin: dǐ dá jí qǐ fēi yíng mù
Traditional: 抵達及起飛螢幕
Simplified: 抵达及起飞萤幕
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Baggage Claim Area

English: Baggage claim area
Pinyin: xíng lǐ lǐng qǔ chǔ
Traditional: 行李領取處
Simplified: 行李领取处
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Boarding Area

English: Boarding area
Pinyin: dēng jī qū
Traditional: 登機區
Simplified: 登机区
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English: Carousel
Pinyin: xíng lǐ zhuǎn pán
Traditional: 行李轉盤
Simplified: 行李转盘
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Check-In Counter

English: Check-in counter
Pinyin: dēng jì guì tái
Traditional: 登記櫃台
Simplified: 登记柜台
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English: Cockpit
Pinyin: jià shǐ cāng
Traditional: 駕駛艙
Simplified: 驾驶舱
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Control Tower

English: Control tower
Pinyin: kòng zhì tǎ tái
Traditional: 控制塔台
Simplified: 控制塔台
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Customs Officer

English: Customs officer
Pinyin: hǎi guān rén yún
Traditional: 海關人員
Simplified: 海关人员
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English: Customs
Pinyin: hǎi guān
Traditional: 海關
Simplified: 海关
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Declaration Form

English: Declaration form
Pinyin: bào guān biǎo
Traditional: 報關表
Simplified: 报关表
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Flight Attendant

English: Flight attendant
Pinyin: kōng fú yún
Traditional: 空服員
Simplified: 空服员
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English: Gate
Pinyin: dēng jī mén
Traditional: 登機門
Simplified: 登机门
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English: Helicopter
Pinyin: zhí shēng jī
Traditional: 直升機
Simplified: 直升机​
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Luggage Carrier

English: Luggage carrier
Pinyin: xíng lǐ yùn sòng yún
Traditional: 行李運送員
Simplified: 行李运送员
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Overhead Compartment

English: Overhead compartment
Pinyin: zuò wèi shàng fāng xíng lǐ xiāng
Traditional: 座位上方行李箱
Simplified: 座位上方行李箱
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Oxygen Mask

English: Oxygen mask
Pinyin: yǎng qì miàn zhào
Traditional: 氧氣面罩
Simplified: 氧气面罩
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English: Passenger
Pinyin: chéng kè
Traditional: 乘客
Simplified: 乘客
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English: Pilot
Pinyin: fēi xíng yún
Traditional: 飛行員
Simplified: 飞行员
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Tray Table

English: Tray table
Pinyin: cān zhuō
Traditional: 餐桌
Simplified: 餐桌
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