AITKEN - Surname Meaning and Family History

What Does the Last Name Aitken Mean?

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Found primarily in Scotland, the surname Aitken is a diminutive form of the patronymic name ADAM, meaning "man," derived from the Hebrew adama, meaning "earth."

  • Surname Origin: Scottish

Famous People With the AITKEN Surname

  • James Macrae Aitken - Scottish chess player and World War II cryptographer
  • Robert Aitken - 18th-century American bible publisher
  • Robert Grant Aitken - American astronomer
  • Michael Aitkens - British television writer
  • Jacqueline Aitken - British children's writer Jacqueline Wilson
  • A. J. Aitken - Scottish lexicographer

Where Is the AITKEN Surname Most Common?

According to surname distribution from Forebears, the Aitken surname is a characteristic surname in the central counties of Scotland, found most commonly in West Lothian (ranked 21st), Peeblesshire (22nd), East Lothian (33rd) and Stirlingshire (41st). It is also fairly common in Midlothian and Lanarkshire. The surname is much less common in England, where it is found in greatest numbers in Cumberland, but fairly widespread through Northern Ireland, especially in County Antrim.

WorldNames PublicProfiler indicates a similar distribution, although it also indicates fairly widespread distribution of the surname in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It also points to the Aitken surname being found most commonly throughout central Scotland.

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