Al Moe

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Al W. Moe was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and introduced to the casinos of Nevada at the age of eleven. At the time he had never seen such an amazing array of sights, sounds, and exciting games. His excitement over gambling hasn't changed since that first introduction, but his knowledge of the games certainly has.


Moe is the author of Vegas and the Mob and has written for Gambling Times/Poker Player, and Casino and Gaming Chips Magazine. His love for casinos and the history of gambling are only exceeded by the thrill he gets learning new casino games and his desire to teach new players how to get the most for their money at the casino.


Moe attended the University of Nevada at Reno and received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Phoenix. He especially enjoys the disciplines of probability and statistics.

Al Moe

Casinos and the games they offer have occupied my thinking for many years. Now that casino gaming has flourished beyond Nevada and New Jersey and even gone Worldwide, the number of newcomers to casino gambling has grown exponentially. Allow me to teach you about casinos, their games, and how to play each one successfully.

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