Alaska Bible College Admissions

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The Knik River near Palmer, Alaska
The Knik River near Palmer, Alaska. TravelingOtter / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Alaska Bible College has "open admissions," so any applicant who has completed the equivalent of a high school degree has the opportunity to enroll. This does not mean that it is easy to get into the college, and most students who attend are highly motivated. There are several requirements to apply to Alaska Bible College including an application form, letters of recommendation, and four essays (focusing on personal goals, family life, Christian testimony, and ministry involvement). Applicants will also need to submit a high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores if they have taken either test. Students are able to apply for full-time or part-time admissions.

Admissions Data (2016):

  • Alaska Bible College Acceptance Rate: Alaska Bible College has open admissions
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
    • SAT Critical Reading: - / -
    • SAT Math: - / -
    • SAT Writing: - / -
    • ACT Composite: - / -
    • ACT English: - / -
    • ACT Math: - / -

Alaska Bible College Description:

Alaska Bible College (ABC) is a tiny, private, non-denominational Christian college located in Glennallen, Alaska, a small rural town about 180 miles east of Anchorage. The 80-acre campus is surrounded by stunning mountains and wilderness areas, but students should be prepared for the challenges of living in interior Alaska. Winter temperatures can hit 50-below zero. All students at Alaska Bible College major in Biblical Studies, and most go on to do ministerial or mission work. The college's small size creates an intimate environment, and classwork is supported by an 8 to 1 student / faculty ratio. The campus has a fitness center and ultimate frisbee course, and outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, skating, and skiing are all popular.

Enrollment (2016):

  • Total Enrollment: 50 (all undergraduate)
  • Gender Breakdown: 68 percent male / 32 percent female
  • 58 percent full-time

Costs (2016 - 17):

  • Tuition and Fees: $9,300
  • Books: $600 (why so much?)
  • Room and Board: $5,700
  • Other Expenses: $3,960
  • Total Cost: $19,560

Alaska Bible College Financial Aid (2014 - 15):

  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 86 percent
  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of Aid
    • Grants: 86 percent
    • Loans: 21 percent
  • Average Amount of Aid
    • Grants: $3,556
    • Loans: $5,113

Academic Programs:

  • Most Popular Majors: All students major in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries with a concentration in pastoral studies, missions, or educational ministries.

Graduation and Retention Rates:

  • First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 67 percent
  • 6-Year Graduation Rate: 20 percent

Data Source:

National Center for Educational Statistics

If You Like Alaska Bible College, You May Also Like These Schools:

For applicants interested in a college in Alaska, Alaska Pacific University, and the University of Alaska (at Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Southeast) are all great options—Alaska Pacific is a similar size to ABC, while the Universities of Alaska are all bigger, between 2,000 and 15,000 students.

Other "Bible Colleges" around the country include Trinity Bible College (in North Dakota), Appalachian Bible College (in West Virginia), and Boise Bible College (in Idaho).

Alaska Bible College Mission Statement:

mission statement from

"The purpose of Alaska Bible College is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and extend His Church by biblically training believers to be servant-leaders with Christ-like character."

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