Album Review: Broken Bridges Soundtrack

This country soundtrack hits it home

Toby Keith - Broken Bridges. Credit: Google Images

As many entertainers do, Toby Keith took his career to another level by starring in "Broken Bridges," a 2006 film that tells the story of a down on his luck country star who returns to his Kentucky hometown and learns that he unknowingly fathered a daughter (Lindsay Haun) 16 years ago with a former love interest played by Kelly Preston.

Toby Keith had barely left UMG Nashville before he announced that he'd signed on to make "Broken Bridges." At the time of the announcement there was no indication what kind of film it would be; only that Keith was the main star and that he'd release the soundtrack on his own label Show Dog Records.

If you like country music soundtracks, you'll like Broken Bridges. The seven songs Keith recorded for this album are all very well done, but the real star is his "Broken Bridges" costar Lindsay Haun, who lends her voice on two tracks, including a duet with Keith.


The album is a great collection of country cuts produced by music heavyweight Randy Scruggs. Leading off the soundtrack is the title cut and one of seven songs that features Toby Keith. "Broken Bridges" is a duet with Lindsay Haun, who was actually signed to Show Dog Records at the time. The delicate ballad sets the scape for the film's story.

Singer and songwriter Fred Eaglesmith's "Thinking About You" is a cool slice of Americana music that finds the protagonist of the song thinking about someone to the point it's all they can do. "Crash Here Tonight," which appears on Keith's album White Trash With Money, has a soft, acoustic arrangement that is a welcomed change of pace from the original version.

 "Broken" marks Haun's coming out as a country singer. Her Faith Hill-like vocals lead to quite a powerful ballad; one that can easily give Carrie Underwood a run for her money.

"Uncloudy Day" is a spirited track that finds Keith, Willie Nelson and BeBe Winans singing of better days ahead. Keith's songwriting partner and sidekick Scotty Emerick contributes to the album with the fun, George Strait-tinged "What's Up With That." The Southern rock featured in Flynnville Train's "High On the Mountain" reminds me of something that the Kentucky Headhunters would record.

"Can't Go Back" is a soft, traditional ballad that features one of Keith's vocals, while "Big Bull Rider" and "Zig Zag Stop" showcase Keith's bigger than life persona and stage presence. The closing track, "Jacky Don Tucker (Play by the Rules Miss All the Fun)" is included in Keith's Dream Walkin' and is revisited here. The song is nice addition to the soundtrack.

With 14 strong tracks that could easily stand on their own (in fact, many of them do), Toby Keith and producer Randy Scruggs have compiled a sort of "anti-soundtrack" that actually sounds more like an album than a boring, bland compilation of songs that don't sound like they go together. Fans of Toby Keith and good country music in general are sure to find something to like in "Broken Bridges."

Track List:

  1. "Broken Bridges" - Toby Keith & Lindsay Haun
  2. "Thinking About You" -  Fred Eaglesmith
  3. "Crash Here Tonight" - Toby Keith
  4. "Broken" - Lindsay Haun
  5. "Along for the Ride" - Matraca Berg
  6. "Uncloudy Day" - Willie Nelson, Toby Keith & BeBe Winans
  7. "What's Up With That" - Scotty Emerick
  8. "High On the Mountain" - Flynnville Train
  9. "The Battlefield" - Sonya Isaacs
  10. "Can't Go Back" - Toby Keith
  11. "The Waiting Game" - Poor Richard's Hound
  12. "Big Bull Rider" - Toby Keith
  1. "Zig Zag Stop" - Toby Keith
  2. "Jacky Don Tucker (Play by the Rules Miss All the Fun)" - Toby Keith


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