"Aliens vs. Cheerleaders"

A One-Act Play by Qui Nguyen

Cheerleaders skyward
Are these cheerleaders jumping...or being pulled skyward by aliens?. Pete Saloutos

The cheerleaders of Saint Valley High School are Earth’s last line of defense against the alien invaders in Aliens vs. Cheerleaders. Molly is a regular student with a mean left hook and a vendetta against bullies. The cheerleaders see her talent and decide to recruit her for the upcoming battle. Ya-Wi, commander of the alien invaders, has chosen this particular high school to begin his conquest of Earth.

In the end who will win?

Aliens vs. Cheerleaders is action-packed and full of fun roles for young actors. It is also full of technical and production challenges. The script calls for multiple montage scenes, many costume changes, and a final battle that requires the entire alien army to transform into large beasts. A staged version of this play will require a big cast, a large production crew, and a massive amount of rehearsal. A fight director with stage combat training is a must for Aliens vs. Cheerleaders.

If a read-through of the script makes you think that this one-act play is too challenging technically for a staged production, you might consider it for a student film. It is full of opportunities for smash cuts, action scenes, and cinematic spectacle. An ambitious director with access to a scrim and projector may even be able to combine the two art forms (theatre and film) for a raucous evening of alien butt-kicking.

Setting: Saint Valley High School and a spaceship

Time: The Present

Cast Size: This play can accommodate 10-12 actors with a “chorus” of obnoxious high school students and aliens.

Male Characters: 4

Female Characters: 6

Characters that could be played by either males or females: 4


Marissa is out on an ill-fated date with Flint.

Little does she know that she’s about to get abducted by aliens that will zap her brains and make her think that she is a little kid again.

Tina is the cheerleading captain. She occupies the top spot in nearly every social and academic arena in the school. She has her eye on Molly as a potential recruit.

Missy is the star athlete on most of the high school sports teams and is the cheerleading squad’s muscle. According to Molly, she is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn.

Gabby is the brains of the cheerleading squad. She is a mathlete and scientist and in the forensics club. She also has some edits for Stephan Hawking’s, A Brief History of Time.

Lucy is a cheerleader, but not one of the brainier ones. She has problems like eating soup with a fork.

Molly is an insecure hipster high school girl with a mean left hook. After the cheerleaders recruit her, she turns into an alien butt-kicking superstar.

Flint should have bought a better car - nice car that wouldn’t have broken down and led to him and Marissa getting abducted by aliens.

Ya-Wi is commander of the Carnaxian invasion force. His skills do not include following directions or maintaining a calm patient demeanor.

Lewis is Molly’s friend.

He gives Molly the confidence to join the cheerleaders in their quest to keep Earth safe and eventually finds the confidence to tell Molly how he feels about her.

Principal Forsman is fed up. He is just trying to keep these ungrateful high school students in line and safe from the Aliens.

Hurt is a bully who is about to get taught a lesson by Molly’s left hook.

Burnout is Hurt’s bully friend who also gets taken down by Molly.

G’Bril is a Carnaxian lackey. He will follow Ya-Wi’s orders and be a good soldier.

Mikah is the tech specialist for the Carnaxian invasion force. He does not have a high opinion of Ya-Wi.

One Line Roles


Another Student

Different Student


Content Issues: Fighting, disrespectful students, kissing scenes, and some objectionable language

Aliens vs. Cheerleaders is available for purchase for production from Playscripts, Inc.

It is also part of the collection in the book Random Acts of Comedy: 15 Hit One Act Plays for Student Actors.