All About Bentley

Bentley Motors has almost a century of car building experience, from founder W.O. Bentley's first cars in 1919 to the flexfuel cars of the 21st century. Learn about the cars, the company, and more in one place.

History of Bentley

Bentley Flying B Emblem
Bentley Flying B Emblem. Kristen Hall-Geisler for

W.O. Bentley and his brother H.M. began Bentley and Bentley in 1912, renaming it Bentley Motors in 1919, and adding the Flying B mascot in 1920. The company spent its earlier years building cars to compete on the track, and its middle years being owned by rival Rolls-Royce. Lately, Bentley has built on its legacy of luxury with the Continental line of cars. The Continental Supersports looks to the future -- it's capable of running on biofuels.

Bentley Motors Models

Bentley Continental
Bentley Continental. Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors builds some of the fastest, most luxurious, largest cars on the planet, and they all have six-figure price tags. After nearly 100 years of building Bentleys, the lineup continues to evolve, as seen in the profiles and image galleries here.

Bentley Clubs

Bentley Motors Emblem
Bentley Motors Emblem. Kristen Hall-Geisler for

It would only be obvious to those who know the history of Bentley and Rolls-Royce, but because they were wedded for so long, the Rolls-Royce Owners Club is one of the largest and most active Bentley clubs in the U.S.. There is of course the one-marque Bentley Drivers Club for Bentleys only, and the Bentley Owners Club, both in the U.K. Should you wish to rent a Bentley, there are several exotic car rental offices in the U.S. that would be happy to help.

If You Can't Own a Bentley ...

... you can buy Bentley stuff.

  • Bentley Collection:The official store for Bentley goods, including clothing, models, and cuff links.
  • Tibaldi for Bentley:Italian fine pen maker Tibaldi has teamed with the carmaker to create auto-inspired writing instruments.
  • Stockinger for Bentley:When only the Bentley-est watch safe will do, Stockinger's got you covered.
  • Breitling for Bentley:Two great tastes that taste great together: luxury cars and luxury watches. Maybe you can keep it in your Stockinger safe.
  • Ego for Bentley:Few things say luxury like a laptop kitted out in diamond-stitched Bentley leather.